Well Beginnings Diaper, Wipes and Baby Wash Review


I was given these products to try. These are all my own thoughts.




As a parent we usually just stick to the things that we are used to and no work. I myself always see store brand diapers on sale and am afraid to buy them.







After trying Well Beginnings Diapers and wipes from Walgreens I was very pleased. In the past when I have bought store brand diapers they ended up leaking pretty bad.  We all have sensitive skin and they did not seem to bother anyone. The kids loved the way they fit on them. I was happy with the way they did not leak.  The wipes were really thick which I like.





When you buy your babies a body wash that says no more tears right on the bottle that is what you expect. I do not know how many times I have bought body wash and found that not to be true. Well this actually is true to its word. Only  a very small amount of the soap to wash them with. This is also a great soap for them to have an awesome bubble bath with.




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