U.S. Organic’s Anti-Bug Spray





We have used the bug spray for a few different occasions and we absolutely love it.  If you’ve used  bug sprays before you may have noticed, that after you spray them make your skin sticky and a strong order. This spray has  neither of this so the kids don’t mind putting it on.


The U.S. Organic’s Anti-Bug Spray line has  herbal-based insect repellents that are made with nine premium organic ingredients. Their  formula provides a long-lasting protection from bugs and mosquitoes. With some of these carrying Zika virus, Dengue virus and West Nile virus diseases this is great. Since this product is free of DEET and other harmful chemicals, it is just perfect for your babies, kids, and even expectant moms and the elderly. U.S. Organic’s Anti Bug Spray is one of the leading bug repellent brands on the market:

· Certified Organic by USDA

· Kid Safe

· DEET Free

· Does not contain synthetic chemicals or alcohol

· Made in the USA and not tested on animals

· Refreshing herbal scented fine mist spray that isn’t sticky


The indoor anti bug spray comes in 2 sizes, 4 fluid ounces and 2 fluid ounces (approved for airplane travel and carryon luggage)

U.S. Organic also offers a 4 fluid ounce indoor anti-bug spray that is perfect for pillows, blankets and more. The smooth and dry formula protects your skin while you sleep.

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