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Nowadays we really need to pay attention to the food our kids eat. While choices are plentiful, your kids will love True Made Foods which makes delicious condiments including Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, and Veracha Hot Sauce. Each is made with pure vegetables (Butternut squash, carrots, and spinach) to provide a healthier condiment without added sugar. As you may know, too many dips and sauces are loaded with sugar and are surprisingly caloric. True Made Foods prioritizes taste, but manages to provide a much more healthy condiment.


We made the amazing BBQ Chicken Pizza that you see in the photo below using True Made Foods’ BBQ Sauce. It was such a hit that my family requested another one. The second time we made it, we thought we had made a huge mistake when we realized that my husband accidentally used the Veracha Hot Sauce for the base. When we realized this about half way through cooking, we took it out of the oven and sprinkled the BBQ Sauce on top. While we thought we had an amazing pizza before, this one was even better!




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