Stocking Stuffers 2021



I have just found a company that has really awesome products just for Men. Bel Essence has everything he will need to keep his skin feeling and looking fabulous. The holidays are coming these would make great presents and also stocking stuffers!!

Vegan Plant-Based hair dye No Fade Fresh  has a great line of them. They have no sulfate, ammonia, gluten, paraben no pod and no mineral oil. You just simply put the shampoo in you hair and let in sit for 2-3 minutes and wash it out.


I am getting ready to start my Monday morning with some Lions Fuel This duet fuel has minerals fat burners, electrolytes, metabolism enhancers, and is sugar free. You add 1 or 2 scoops to your daily water and enjoy. The scoops are very small so I just added 1 scoop to mine to try it out. I really like the flavor which is peach/strawberry daiquiri.


These shakesphere tumblers by @shakespherehq are made double wall and hold up to 700mls. With this capsule design they blend fruits with no blades with no waste and no mess. They are Leak proof guaranteed and would make a great present or even a stocking stuffer! Be sure to grab one for your self while you can!


If you have alot frizz in your hair and I have found a hair treatment by Masami that can help with it. They have a travel line which makes it convenient to take with you everywhere.



Do you know someone with a beard well  here is a great line of products that would be great as a gift or stocking stuffer. The beard oil soothes dryness and relieves itching and the you can use some of their beard balm to style and add some shine!


On the go alot needing some caffeine and don’t have time to stop for a coffee or soda!! Well goviter has got you covered with some caffeinated gum or mints.

These are definitely a great stocking stuffer as well as for yourself!!!

After a long week these Shower Steamers by nw beauty works are absolutely delightful. You just simply place on in the shower floor or tub. Make sure that they are out of direct water contact.
Breathe, relax and enjoy ❤

You can save 15% off your next order just use code: STEAMER15


We tend to always see grooming accessories for women!! Well what about men billion dollar brows has got them covered. They make great gifts or even stocking stuffers I would check them!!



I drive an older vehicle that does not have bluetooth capabilities so this gadget have been nice to have. Not only can I use it to make and receive calls hands free but it also allows me to listen to music through it.

This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer and you can grab you one from vont products


I never knew that russellstoverus had these new candy bars!! They are delicious and have a cute name “Joy Bites”. They are probably going to be a hot item for the upcoming holidays!! I would grab some if you see them you won’t be disappointed.


ProBiora Health has a great line of oral health not just for us but dogs and cats as well!! They are all Natural products and come in pill for and gum!! They help support gum a tooth help and gives you fresh breath and whitens your teeth!

For the animals you might be thinking how will that work? Well for the animals you just sprinkle it on their food and it helps with their breath and whitens teeth!!

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