Penne Straw Snacks


Most of us are always on the look out for a healthier snack option for ourselves and our family! At least I know I am and I found these Penne  straws to hit the spot!

They have many flavors to choose from so I am sure they will have a flavor you’re going to love! Our family favorite is the Cinnamon Churro Penne Straws!



Penne Straws are the low-calorie, gluten-free snack with a big crunch! Made of lentils and white beans, Penne Straws are seasoned to perfection, giving them authentic, delicious flavors that are only 140 calories per serving. Plant-based, gluten-free, and Non-GMO, they are available in 5 tasty flavors: Mac & Cheese, Cinnamon Churro, Lemon Garlic, Marinara, and Sweet Pepper.


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