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Introducing Moodies!


Moodies™ are made of silicone and are light bulb covers that change the color of any CFL or LED light bulb!

They are made from the very same heat-safe silicone that is used in making oven mitts or bakeware, Moodies are safe to use on any CFL or LED light.

Moodies can purchase  here online in a variety of colors and coming soon to a retail store near you! With Halloween just around the corner these would be a great decoration. My kids really like the blue one for their room and we have also found that the yellow one is very calming.


static1.squarespace.comMoodie Rainbow 8 Pack

$19.99 on sale Normally $24.00

This is one of their most popular items and one of their best values. This Rainbow Pack gives you an array of color to transform your mood. Just place a Moodie onto a your CFL or LED lightbulb and bask in some mood altering photons.


Moodie Halloween 8 Pack

$18.99 on sale normally $24.00


Rolling around in your grave mean while the neighbors throw another one of their lifeless luau? Well than you need to  show them how to haunt the living with these Halloween Pack of 8 Orange and Purple Moodies. They are easy to use you just simply slip Moodies over any CFL or LED bulb and they’ll be screaming to try more!!

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