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#Logitech Wireless Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 Review





The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 is a home run keyboard,  saying I like this keyboard would be an under statement. Logitech is  a company that always seems to be on the cutting edge of new technology. This keyboard has a slim sleek design which blends well with the system setup I have. There is so much to love about this keyboard. The very minute you start to tap on the very quite soft touch keys the keyboard senses the light in the room and lights up accordingly, to the very easy to use built in mouse pad.






Logitech built in a 33 ft. wireless range that allows me the flexibility to move to the couch since my main TV is also connected to the PC.  Like a lot of us I already use some Logitech products and with the unifying receiver that this comes with you can connect up to six other products such as my existing Logitech mouse.  As long as it has the orange unifying symbol this way you only ever use the one USB slot. Other things I love about this keyboard are the fact I never have to put batteries in it. It comes with a USB extender and a charging cable just plug in and go, no hoping you have extra batteries in the house and the fact that I can control certain TV functions. This is something that my whole family enjoyed reviewing. I really cant say enough about this keyboard it works for this family.




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