Kids in the kitchen


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Our daughter is thinking about being a chef she is 11 years old. Anytime my husband gets a chance to cook and teach her new things he loves it. Stir fry is one of the things that he can teach her the basics. This is them cooking a chicken stir fry with vegetables that she choose. She begins prep by chopping up all of the vegetables and then moves on to cubing the meat (your kids favorite meat). She browns the chicken and seasons it with salt, pepper and Old bay then sets aside. In the same pan with a little bit of butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper she sautes all the vegetables starting with the ones that take the longest this usually takes about 5 minutes to cook. Then the chicken is added back to the pan and cooked an additional 5 minutes.The last step is to add any soft vegetables such as mushrooms. This takes about 2 minutes. The white rice is cooked by itself and topped with soy sauce. She was so proud of herself.



  1. That’s great that she’s getting in and cooking in the kitchen. Not only does it builds essential skills but also a great confidence in kids, plus hello you don’t have to cook! 😉 WIN!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet that your daughter wants to become a chef! That stir fry looks really good, she must be a quick learner!

  3. I am also teaching my kids to learn to cook early too! I had to learn to cook after I got married so I don’t want my kids to have the same issue. Love this!

  4. That is awesome that she’s got an idea for what she might want to do in the future already! And great that she wants to help in the kitchen too!

  5. I love that she’s interested in learning to cook at such a young age. Our daughter is almost 18 and has NO interested in making anything you can’t put in the microwave…sigh…

  6. I try to let the kids help more often. They are 9 and 11 and I even let my youngest make her own grilled cheese the other day. I was a bit freaked out that she would burn herself but she proved that she was capable! Kudos to you for letting your daughter help!

  7. My daughter is learning as well, started with mac and cheese. I should try stir fry with her next, it’s simple enough I bet she’ll master it!

  8. I think it’s so important that kids learn to cook. I try to teach my children about making healthy meals, and budget friendly meals, this way when they leave the nest I know they will be ok.

  9. That is so great that she wants to learn how to cook! My kids love to help me in the kitchen and I’m trying to teach them how to cook, but they’re all younger still.

  10. Kids in the kitchen is such a great thing to do. It’s a good way to teach math, science, and healthy eating. Bubbles loves to join me in the kitchen and I love to have her with me!

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