Guitar Hero Live Review


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We were excited to get the chance to review the new Guitar Hero Live (especially my husband). We have had the guitar hero before and it seemed more like a toy this one seems more realistic. The kids actually thought it was real. I think that if you are a Guitar Hero Live fan you will really enjoy this one. It is compatible with many game systems.

Guitar Hero Live  introduces a new guitar controller that has six buttons: two rows of three buttons that are used the way people would naturally play and make it more fun for players of all abilities. This makes it simple and easier for beginners to play and even harder for veterans to master. You can sing along in the game, it comes with complete lyrics on screen, just adding another way to play together with others.

 Guitar Hero Live has a fresh take on the music styling of rhythm games. They have included a  celebrated tracklist includes hundreds of songs at launch, which includes the music of The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, Queen, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall Out Boy, Pearl Jam, Bruno Mars, Weezer, Iggy Pop, Alt-J, Jet, ZZ Top, Rage Against the Machine, Megadeth, The Strokes, Royal Blood, Ed Sheeran, Gary Clark Jr., and many more. The full list, which will be continually updated, can be found at

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