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Having Grandparents in your life is so important. Many people have them and totally take them for granted! They are such a blessing to us and our children.  They are full of knowledge, stories and most important love.





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Just this simple walk down the street is a big thing to a child.  It creates memories for them. They have a bond that is so different than a Mother and Father have with their Children.


2014-05-10 17.36.25

My Kids Love their PAPA!!








  1. He’s such a great Grandfather. What a true love!!!

  2. I miss my pop pop. I think about him everyday <3

  3. How sweet!!!! <3

  4. I wasn’t lucky enough to have mine for long but I’m so glad my kids have all of theirs! Grandparents are truly such a blessing!

  5. And hes a great dad too!!

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