FAMILOOP WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL NOVEMBER 17TH

With all that is going on in this world and social media it is very important to know  where your kids are, know their friends they talk to and how they are behaving.

What the Familoop Safeguard offers is to help you to get to know your kid’s digital self and creates the most protection which is often going on in this unsafe online world.

It will help you keep track of  all your child’s online activities and turns information into manageable insights. When I was younger their was not all of these different social media sites that they have now. They can create many accounts and set up passwords on their own devices that you know nothing about. With this you can block inappropriate content, set a time limit and monitor communications for signs of suspicious behavior. I think that this is a great thing to have for kids of all ages you can never be to safe with your family.

I really like what this program has to offer and you cant beat the great price of  a 1 YEAR PREMIUM 3 MEMBERSHIP – $39.99 VALUE (Nov.17th)  Which will  Protect up to 3 of your devices.



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