Easter Sunday

2014-04-20 11.34.56
Ryan Brooklyn
2014-04-20 11.35.03
Kaleb Rock

This is how we spent our Easter Sunday. We went Spent the day at their Aunts  House. The weather was perfect. The Kids had such a great time. I wish Danica and Shane could have been there with to Share it with us. Family time is the Best. It looks like Kaleb’s Basket is bigger than he is.


2014-04-20 11.07.04
Randi Jordon and her Cousin Isaiah



They had such a great time  coloring there eggs.  I Don’t think that you ever to old to enjoy the fun of Easter morning. They wanted there eggs to be just perfect.  I think the older kids had just as much finding the hidden eggs as the little ones.



2014-04-20 14.39.33
On Their Hunt



Kaleb was finding them but I don’t think that her realized exactly what he was doing. Once he found one all he wanted to do was play with it instead of finding more. This was his first Easter egg hunt. He did end up finding ten eggs.


2014-04-20 14.36.54
Finding his very first Easter egg.
2014-04-20 14.39.42
She found one!!!


Once Little Miss Ryan got started she wouldn’t stop. I think that she found just as many as the older kids did. Look out Big kids next year Ryan may just run circles around you.





















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