Our Daughter Randi


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This is Our Daughter Randi she is 12 years old. She is such a great kid with a heart of gold. Her favorite colors are purple and green. When she gets older she there are a couple of things that she is interested in doing. The first one would be a chef and the second one is a palaeontologist (a person who studies fossils).

Beautiful RJ



Randi is in the Gate program in school. With her grades  and determination she will have no problem accomplishing anything she wants. In her spare time she loves to listen to music and ride horses. We are so proud of the young women she has become.







  1. She is beautiful and sounds like an awesome kid!

  2. She is gorgeous, and I would not have guessed she’s only twelve! She sounds like she is doing great with everything and is growing into a fantastic young woman 🙂

  3. So nice to hear wonderful things about your daughter–thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s great when your parents are proud of you! She is very beautiful!

  5. She is a very beautiful young lady and it sounds like she’s going to take the world by storm as she grows up! 🙂

  6. Aw! A loving post about a wonderful girl. You are very fortunate.

  7. You have a really pretty daughter and it’s nice she has a good heart.

  8. That is awesome that she knows what she wants to do in the future.. Many kids have no clue..

  9. Lisa J. Jones says

    Congratulations To Your Daughter She Is Beautiful You Must Be Soooooooo Very Proud! XO

  10. You have a very smart daughter, and she sounds very dedicated also. Wishing all the best to this beautiful young lady for her life!

  11. Rebecca Swenor says

    You must be so proud. I love seeing parents so proud of their children. Thanks for sharing.

  12. You did an amazing job in rainsing her!!

  13. what a sweet post, love her name! She sounds really smart and like a good kid — good job mom!

  14. When I was 12, I wanted to become a fairy .. lol, I was always in my dream world. I am Glad.. kids these days know practical life and are serious about their careers

  15. She is very beautiful and her love of horses reminds me of any Princess characters.

  16. She is beautiful and seems like a great kid! I bet you are a very proud mama! =D

  17. She’s definitely going places, big, big places. What a wonderful gal!

  18. We have a horse lover in our family too. Your daughter is beautiful

  19. She’s a pretty young lady, you should be very proud.

  20. Raising our kids to have a heart of gold is something the world needs more of.

  21. Your daughter is a beauty! I wish her much success in her schooling!

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