Cookie And Candy Popcorn



Well if you thought you have tried all the delicious popcorn out there you might be wrong!

They have hit the market on almost all of your favorite cookie and candy flavors! I myself have never tasted or even seen these flavors!

These are great to have for yourself and family to have around to snack on! If you have any friends, family or Co-worker that you need to buy a gift for look no further! This popcorn is addicting and you just want to try them all!!

As for our family favorite we can’t decide on just one so that should tell you something!

Below is a list of the delicious flavors that they offer and I can almost bet that you can’t just settle for one flavor!!

Cookie Pop and Candy Pop is the snack that crushes two flavors at once!! Cookie Popflavors include: Cookie Pop Popcorn Nutter Butter®, Cookie Pop Popcorn OREO®, and Cookie Pop CHIPS AHOY!®. Candy Pop is available in: Candy Pop Popcorn SOUR PATCH KIDS®, Candy Pop Popcorn TWIX®, Candy Pop Popcorn SNICKERS®, Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s® Minis, and Candy Pop Popcorn BUTTERFINGER®. And, they are only 150 calories per serving.

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