015                                                                   100pc City Scape Set $129


This is a great toy for the whole family we all had a blast playing with it. They are a lot of pieces so 3 -4 of you can each build one  small thing or you can build one big building. I really like how sturdy and strong the magnetic pieces are. I have purchased a few different toys like this in the past and I am very pleased with this purchase.  As you can see by the picture above my 2 year old had a blast with them. I do recommend that you get a special case to put them so that they all stay together and none are lost. This is an item that you should consider getting that special someone for the holidays. Even if this is the only thing that you get them. They will thank you for it.

Listed below are some more fun facts:

-100 Pieces Total: 48 bars, 16 curved bars, 36 metal balls.

-City Scape 100 piece set allows groups of children to create together for hours of fun open-ended play while building social skills.

-Build various tall towers, buildings, bridges and unique structures.

-Perfect magnetic building toy to develop Creativity, Imagination, Mathematical, and Scientific Thinking.

-High Resistance PC Plastic is safe. It will Not break or crack; PA-FREE plastic comes in 6 bright colors.

-All X-Bar sets are compatible with each other and come with Builder’s Guide.

-Product Dimension: Metal ball 1.25” diameter, bar 2.75”x.5”, curved bar 3.5”x.5”.



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