Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2021


I have discovered 2 really cool card games by @smithstreetgift. These would be a great to have around the house for company or great as a gift as well.

POP FREAK – Get ready for charades like you’ve never played them before. You can play Pop Freak! with as many people as you can find. Teams take turns to collect as many cards as they can by correctly guessing exactly what’s written on each of them. One person in the team does the talking to the rest of the team, who do the guessing. For every correct guess, your team gets to keep the card. The winning team is the one who has accumulated the highest score over the three rounds. Round one: say anything you want besides the words or phrases on the card. Round two: only one word. Use it wisely. Round three: no talking or sounds. Hopefully, your team memorized what was on those cards! This game was collated by the editorial staff at Smith Street Books who are enthusiastic (read: bad) actors.



WHO SAID THAT – Match inspiration, amusing, and simply flabbergasting quotes with their source, in this fun game you can play from anywhere! Discover the movies, celebrities, politicians, artists, writers, and historical figures responsible for the world’s most inspiring, amusing, and just plain weird quotes. Who Said That? will test your general knowledge, and along the way, you’ll uncover some of the best gaffes that modern history has to offer. This game was collated by the editorial staff at Smith Street Books, who were both inspired and shocked as they sifted through some of history’s best  quotes.



Koe Kombucha is a fruit-forward, USDA Organic and packed with probiotics drink – makes a healthier soda swap option to take on any Summer adventure, whether it be a beach trip, shopping excursion, or short hike. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers – people seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste. Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf stable to take on-the-go.


Yipes wipes  are a great addition to your party and a must have especially  for kids. They are designed to gently and effectively remove dirt. Yipes! are 94% biodegradable and made are with 99% plant-derived ingredients. They are formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, are enriched with aloe vera.


Liteband Life ACTIV 400 LED is a headlamp that features the first 210° wide beam, low-profile headband style headlamp. The adjustable strap is lightweight which will give you comfort all day long. The headlamp delivers an ultra bright light, with a USB-C rechargeable battery, that will last up to 26 hours of light on low setting. It has a weatherproof rating of IPX 4, which makes it greatfor camping, hiking, and running.

We love to go bike riding at night so this is perfect.

For those of you that dont like flowers this is a great gift. Each From Manly Man Co
bouquet’s is pre-arranged, sealed and packaged fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish branded box. The package design allows the bouquet to be delivered fully assembled and easily slide out to provide the ultimate gifting experience. This is what you can expect.

Full Dozen
Pint Glass “Vase”
4 Flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot, Mixed
Arrives Assembled
Slides Out of Custom Box

**Petals are made with 100% beef. Stem sections are made from a mouthwatering blend of beef, pork, and spices. Contains: Soy & Wheat.



Xino Sports Inline Skates with adjustable roller blades: They have double thick threading to reinforce the seams and industrial-grade plastic for the clasps. The inside is made of thick, soft padding. The inner foam lining and rust-resistant aluminum frame help provide support needed while skating.

Pro Spin: 4-Player Kit with Ping Pong Net:  The Portable All-in-One Table Tennis Set is what you need! Play anytime, on any table! Complete with a retractable net. Comes in a gift-ready box and evweyrhing you need to play!


This is perfect for popcorn for the holidays and it doesn’t take up alot of space because It is collapsible. This would be a great for someone on your holiday list. You can grab one from Zulay Kitchen.


Can anyone guess what this is?
Well It just happens to be the tastiest blanket around from Zulay Kitchen! This burrito blanket will keep you warm and cozy.

This would make a great gift for someone on your list or even for yourself.

Who doesn’t need or want a back? Well I love this personalized backpack by Groovy Guy Gifts!!

This is is not just an ordinary backpack its actually a duffel bag that you can wear on your back. It’s very sturdy and can hold much much than a regular backpack.

This would be a great purchase for even any man or child to use year round!!


This classic navy backpack is brought to you by Lazy Bear, mase with faux-leather. The main compartment is colorfully lined, and it also has separate padded pockets for your kid’s laptop or tablet. This backpack has a smaller front pocket to help you stay organized. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit.

The certificate includes top TV shows that season, noteworthy premieres that year, and the cover of that week’s edition of TV Guide. This all spawned from my love of TV and my extensive collection of TV Guides dating back to 1977! This is a frameable certificate printed on heavy paper stock. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves television!


Gigi Rowe Wishes” by Gigi Rowe is an enchanting children’s book that follows a creative young girl as she embarks on a whimsical journey where she imagines living her dreams.

Take a child on a wonderful personalized adventure. These beautiful books are specially created for every child.


This bottle holds 64 ounces of icy-cold hour for 24 hours or steaming hot water for 12 hours. The Iron Flask’s double-wall insulated, stainless steel, reusable hydro style water bottles to keep you hydrated around the clock. Straw lid, flip lid, and stainless steel lid included. I love that it holds 64 oz I don’t  have to refill as often.

This is just more than just a water bottle! FLPSDE makes this Dual Chamber Water Bottle that will keep your drinks ice cold or hot for hours while also securing your favorite snacks or even your keys. This has come in handy for myself and for my kids.



This cleanser can be used as daily face wash for men and women. Its made with no harsh ingredients and is packed with antioxidant rich organic and natural botanicals to remove build-up, impurities, dirt, and makeup. Non-irritating, lightly foaming, sulfate free, and gentle on the skin, you’ll feel refreshed and clean day or night.


I love that these headphones by iclever are wireless. My kids always seem to break the wires.

These headphones are different from most they are customizable, swappable ear plates: Easily change the design of your headphones with multiple fun patterns and colorful RBG lights.
You can get up 45 hours of playtime, with a 10-minute quick charging via USB-C. They come with a case which makes them perfect for travel.

Just wanted to share this awesome deal with you for the TransNova Headphones! Now through October 24th, receive 30% off the headphones using code 45QCYDKD.

With the code, the headphones come to $27.30 which makes them a great inexpensive gift for kids this holiday season!


We had so much fun making tie dye shirts and masks with the cool kits from Momma Osa. They are really easy to use and the kids were so proud of themselves.  I highly recommend getting them just for family fun. These would also make great gifts.


We are going to have so much fun putting this together and then playing. Who doesnt love a claw machine from Thamesandkosmos has this awesome game!! I would grab one before they sell out!!



Choose from our line of youbodycare
essences that you can mix and match. Upgrade your clean routine with premium body wash made that is made just for you, by you.
You can Blend up to 4 essences for a scent you’ll never go wrong with. Seriously, blend any together.
Every essence packet breaks down into clean energy so you can feel good (and smell even better) with YouBodyCare™.
Get your customized subscription box delivered to your door. Switch up your essences whenever you want.



This is a two-piece ceramic olive serving ensemble by Corico that displays olives around a cone-shaped pit port, which keeps the pits separate and making the whole dish easy to scrape off and clean. It also works beautifully for serving pitted cherries too.

You can find them at Target



This time of the year our kids start getting excited for Christmas!! This book called from worthy kids books “Where’s My Christmas Tree” by Bob Holt is really cute for our little ones.



Are you tired of wasting money on toilet paper then maybe you should invest in a bidet? Brondell_inc has a great section at reasonable prices. We now have one and it has saved me money and in toilet paper. I dont have to buy as much and now I dont have to worry if I accidentally run out!!



The getthelayer is an above the sheets waterproof blanket. It is small and can be used for many things. My son has taken it and uses it for his bed so he doesnt spill his drinks on his comforter.



With the holidays just around the corner you might already be looking for gifts or even stocking stuffers. compoundkings has so really cute stuff.

Most child love slime and with everything going on these cute little hand sanitizer will go great in the backpacks!!

My daughter loves cats so this cute kitten puzzle is going to be a great gift!! I can’t wait to do it with her!!



I am loving my fitsnack box they come with great items. Fit Snack Box is a subscription box containing snacks that each will have at least two of the following characteristics: GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan, and/or all-natural.

I am starting my keto diet journey again and I really love the snacks that came this month!!



For those of that have animals we are always in sure for food and treats that are healthy! I have come acroos some all natural treats that my dogs loves by Tickled pet.



Inside this self care ideas box from flowjoco , you’ll find some simple and powerful ways to practice the kind of self love that goes deeper than a bubble bath, because that just isn’t working anymore.

This box filled with thoughtful self care activities that will help you slow down, and build yourself a more playful, generous, and overflowing life. It will help you stop and think about the moment.



This is a card game that I have never heard of by taco vs burrito game but it’s pretty cool! The way to play and win is that you try to build the weirdest and wildest meal. But there is a catch you can actually give your opponent tummy aches and they have additional cards that you can get to gain cards you need to win!!



This is such a cute game by pixicade great for a holiday gift or just because!! With this game you can create & play your own video games. You draw your game snap a photo and play and even share it with others!!

This game is compatible with iOS and android devices.



beabwaystar ! isn’t your typical board game. This is a Broadway board game starring YOU in the spotlight Roll the dice, move through the board and pick cards that challenge them to sing, dance, or act out lines from their favorite Broadway shows. Start out in acting school and work your way up to the top, buying pictures and resumes, earning an Equity card, getting an agent and publicist, going to auditions, getting cast in shows, and maybe even winning a Tony Award. The star who accumulates the most fans along the way to the Broadway Hall of Fame wins the game. @beabwaystar is the board game for the Broadway Bound and Broadway fans of all ages.



Trying to find ways to entertain your kids with electronics? Well these toys are pretty cool!!

For Ages 4+, $29.99+, available on Amazon, they are a combination of origami, building blocks, and magnets into a flexible play system that kids can create them anywhere. The freeform-shaped pieces can be simply and satisfyingly clicked together to turn 2D shapes into endless 3D creations – bunnies, airplanes, balls, crowns, whatever your imagination can think up! Plus, they take up little space, are easy to clean up, and don’t require a flat surface to build on – perfect for travel or clutter-free homes! Clixo even doubles as a great zen desk toy – perfect for WFH parents!



Stay In Your Magic Pouch, $18: Perfect pouch for mamas who are running errands, traveling or headed on an adventure and want to remember to stay grounded.

Eden Wrap, $45: This ethereal wrap is magical which ever way mama chooses to wear it – as a scarf during colder months or as a skirt or top when the weather warms up from winter to spring.

The wrap is absolutely adorable by virginiawolfnyc and can be worn in so many different ways. You can use it as a scarf, a bathing suit cover up or even a dress.

I take my pouch every where is is small but perfect. You can even use it for your make up!!



This game reminds of the game clue so if you liked that game you will like this one!! unsolvedcf has a few different ones to choose from. I cant wait to play this with the family!!

This would be a great gift for someone it is so realistic!!



Are you looking for a little bit of Japan well artisticwilldesigns has some really cute products. Whether your looking for art, coloring books, even a custom made necklace!!

I really love the necklace that she made I am sure my daughter will too.



CBD products are really popular right now and have alot of good benefits a d come in many different forms.

Tikva CBD Myo-Inositol tablets support a sense of calmness and well-being.

tikvahealth CBD Melatonin Tablets is an option to support restful sleep. This familiar formulation helps you maintain your active lifestyle by supporting a healthy sleep life.

Tikva bath bombs are small-batch and handmade with eucalyptus, combining the natural power of CBD with the healing benefits of eucalyptus and lavender aromatherapy and essential oils.

They help you relax and promote calmness.



Candles are one of the most common items used in just about every household!! scenteddesignscandleco has a great line of soy candles!! They smell absolutely amazing and because they are soy they last alot longer than other candles!! They are hand poured in small batches!!

They would make great gifts and stocking stuffers, make sure to grab a few for yourself as well.



Most of us used to play the card game Old Maid as a child. Well this boldmade is a remake of that. But this game has a twist instead of trying to avoid the old maid you need that card to win.

This is a great present for all ages.



These products made by femmepharma are great to help relieve dryness, chafing, redness, and inflammation. It is for external use only.



mixhers has some great new products for women that you just might want to grab and also share.

Hertime Daily is an all-natural supplement that balances your hormones through nutritional therapy! It helps to reduce bloating, eases cramps, stabilizes mood, lightens flow, and can help increase energy!! This is no matter what stage of your period your in.

Herpower is a non-stimulant energy supplement that provides stamina, concentration, mental support and mind clarity.

Herhydration gives you electrolytes and potassium without any sugars or artificial additives.

All of these products you just mix in 8-12 oz of water!!



Do you ever look in your laundry room and see a bunch of different bottles of laundry soap and think this is a mess!! Well we have in our house.

truearthmovement has some really cool Eco-strips for the laundry. They come in Baby scent, Fresh linen scent, and a Frangrance free scent. All you do is take one sheet and throw it in the wash. They take up hardly any space at all.

By using these you are always saving the planet one load at a time. No more big plastic bottles to throw away!!



Having a single cup of coffee on the go had never been easier!! steepedcoffee has some wonderful single serving coffees in bags. Yes you heard me right in bags like tea!! Just drop one in your cup and let it to its magic!!

These are perfect if you are on the go alot or somewhere that you dont have access to a coffee pot!! My favorite is the California Blend!!



Well today I walked out of the house without my coffee!! I was so disappointed until I remembered that I had these awesome coffees from explorercoldbrew ! They saved the day and are simple to use all you have to do is pour into a glass add water or milk stir and enjoy!!



We are having fun with these @moodclue liquid chalk markers.

With MoodClue liquid chalk markers, colors and creativity know no bounds.  The high-quality liquid chalk can be used on any non-porous surface including: glass, windows, mirrors, car windshields, most chalkboards, slate, whiteboards, stainless steel, ceramics, sealed tiles and stone, plus more.  Offered in sets of six colors and sets of twelve colors, MoodClue markers all have reversible tips so you can draw thin lines for elegant drawings or thicker lines for a bold statement!!

MoodClue markers are easy to start and water-based so they won’t stain your hands, clothing or hair. This makes them one of the few stocking stuffers that can be used immediately.  If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your family after opening presents that doesn’t involve plopping down in front of the TV, we recommend turning your plain old windows into beautiful stained glass windows.  All you need is your creativity, painters tape and MoodClue markers.  Stick painters tape to your window in any geometric pattern. Next, fill in the shapes with different colored markers.  When you’re finished filling in the shapes, peel the painters tape from the window and voilà!  You can even make teams and turn it into a competition for who can create the most unusual pattern.

MoodClue liquid chalk markers are the perfect, creative gift for any kid on your list!  MoodClue is available to purchase on Amazon Prime  Prices range between $14.95 and $24.95.  All of our markers are eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless and dustless.



I got this track suit from 32degreesofficial and I absolutely love they are having an awesome sale right now. I would check it out for yourself and any holiday gifts you may still need.

This whole outfit was on sale for $38.98 marked down from $108!!



With everything having to to with technology nowadays we have a million passwords to remember!! Well @inawecards has some cute books to help you keep track of them.

You can grab one for you or a



Café Caps make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season!

Trilliant Food & Nutrition introduces Café Caps™ Coffee Creations and Café Caps™ Hot Cocoa Creations, all-in-one single-serve solutions that conveniently bring a premium café experience to your home unlike any other.

The cup + cap process is unique, but simple – for Café Caps™ Coffee Creations, pour the cap, brew your single serve cup, and enjoy a café quality latte. For Café Caps™ Hot Cocoa Creations, brew your single serve cup, pour the toppings from the cap, and enjoy a quality café experience at home.

@ownyourcreationcafecaps Coffee Creations includes three separate flavors, each in its own six pack, all made with 100% Arabica coffee and a cap of toppings:

Vanilla cinnamon cap is filled with a blend of cream, cinnamon, and bits of vanilla

Chocolate hazelnut cap is filled with a blend of cream, cocoa, and bits of chocolate

Mexican mocha spice cap is filled with a blend of cream, cocoa, a hint of ground cayenne, and bits of chocolate

Also available are Café Caps™ Hot Cocoa Creations in two separate flavors, and a hot drink mix, each in its own six pack, all with a cap of toppings:

Classic milk chocolate hot cocoa cap is filled with a generous portion of mini marshmallows

S’mores hot cocoa cap is filled with mini chocolate chips and a generous portion of marshmallows

Birthday cake hot drink mix cap is filled with mini marshmallows and sprinkles

Café Caps are now available for purchase at retailers across the nation and online in December at – sign up to be the first to know when online ordering is open.

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  2. I have to start thinking about Christmas soon, as I’ve heard that things can be in shortage this year. These are all great things to add to the list.

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