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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022



If you are anything like me you are always on the lookout for something new to snack on!! I have just discovered nakednutrition they are so good and are only 8 carbs.

They are Premium Gluten-Free Protein Cookies with nothing to hide.



With Valentine’s Day right around the corner these would make gifts by smithstreetgift

THE BODY OF GRATITUDE DECK OF CARDS: Affirmations to Accept and Celebrate Your Incredible Body by Jessica Sanders has been created to help each of us heal our relationship with our bodies. Appreciate all that our bodies do. These cards embrace acceptance and gratitude and remind us that we don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love. Turn to a card after a bad day or start your morning on a positive note, and celebrate all the beautiful scars, wisdom lines, and countless quirks that make it unique.

THE DECK OF CRYSTALS by Nadia Bailey is a beautifully illustrated deck that features 50 crystals that explore their properties, history, and lore. Crystals are more than just shiny stones. People use them to cleanse the mind, recharge, or shield against negative energy. Take the mystery out of selecting a crystal that’s perfect for you and your needs.

The gifts are available from online retailers such as Amazon, Targets, and Walmart. Plus, shoppers can purchase gifts in-store if they prefer.



Found the perfect drinks for you and your Valentine ❤ well Drink Love Life has them!!

Drinklovelife naturally enhances sexual health. Our proprietary blend of amino acids optimizes blood flow by increasing your body’s natural production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, and plays and important role in optimal cardiovascular function, and increased blood flow to all the right places.



Do you have a lot going on for Valentine’s Day and still need to plan a special dinner? Well stemplecreek has you covered and they can deliver it to you!! They also have some amazing beef jerky that you are sure to love. All of their products are grass fed and grass finished!!

We had an amazing stew made with their meats and bone broth and it was a family favorite!!



Purebotanika has CBD Pain Patch may be the perfect gift for him this Valentine’s Day. After all, who couldn’t use a little pain and stress relief in their life.

The brand is Pure Botanika and the solution product is a transdermal patch with 60 mg CBD+ menthol that gets time-released over 4 days. So you put this low-pro patch on where it hurts (or inner wrist for systemic help) and it delivers consistent dosage day and night for FOUR DAYS! Finally, people don’t have to stress about making sure they get each dose on time, which is super important for CBD to have an effect.

They  developed a patch with a doctor/chemist duo who proved to us that their technology transmitted more CBD into the blood than the other top sellers. We are also super picky about sourcing US-grown hemp and third-party testing for purity. We’re proud to be one of the only patches on AMAZON and also sell DTC.



Need to grab some perfume for your Valentine or even for yourself?  Wit & West has some lovely perfume to purchase!

This perfume is made with 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic, cruelty-free, phthalate and paraben free.



We had such a relaxing day today we also did manicures and pedicures!! I really love this nail polish by cupcakepolish it goes on smooth and looks amazing!!

If you need to get your nails done before you go on your Valentine date this brand is for you!! Thwy would also make a great gift for someone on Valentine’s Day or any other celebration!!



Well Sunday Citizen has a sleep mask that I have never seen before. It’s big and super soft and it actually stays on your head while your sleeping. I have bought many over the years and they either don’t fit right and fall off or hurt my head.

After a great night out or in for Valentine’s Day their is nothing better than ending it right with this sleep mask!!


I have never tried a vegan jerky made from the stem of shiitake mushrooms, the meaty texture will have you fooled thinking this is beef jerky. These nutritiously dense gems made by vegky of nature are packed with countless health benefits. These range from antimicrobial properties to promoting skin, cardiovascular and skeletal health. Curb your hunger in between meals and be guilt-free eating our delicious and cruelty-free Original Shiitake Mushroom Jerky.

These were definitely a different experience for me but not in a bad way. I would definitely try them again as a treat because they are a little higher in carbs then I would like!



The kids and I had such a blast making these cake pops from kidstir!!

This is cute a Valentine’s Day project to do with the family or also buy as a gift. It is a really easy (messy 🤣😂) recipe to follow!!



Sustainable, eco-conscious products should be affordable, yet luxurious.

Saguaro Cactus scent is a spicy floral
creation made up of cactus jade flower, agave, moss, and aloe. This scent is a true representation of walking into a florist shop and experiencing the aroma of fresh-cut flowers, stem trimmings, and botanical-soaked water.

Sea Salt Surf scent flaunts notes of jasmine followed by sweet cream and a hint of driftwood. Jasmine emits the perfect flowery bridge between sweet and salty, adding crisp foliage notes to this beachy scent. A top seller in Hawaii and tropical states, this scent creates a memory of the warm salt air, sweet adult drinks, and beach thoughts.

These amazing candles are from Brokentop Brands I absolutely love the smell of them. You can also find them on Amazon.



My husband loves his cast iron skillets and is very particular on how they are cleaned!! This is a great tool to use to clean them!!

This chainmail is an awesome gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, even Valentine’s Day!

You can save 20% now buy using code SHOPSMALL at



Well with Valentine’s Day right around the the corner, and flowers is one of the most common gifts!! You might want to check out Fifty Flowers they have so many wonderful flowers to choose from!!

They even have these bright flowers that come in a DIY kit for you to arrange yourself. If your special someone wants to learn how to design flowers this would be a great gift. This arrangement has Hot pink gerbera daisies and spray roses have been paired with rich purple hydrangea and dramatic mini calla lilies. Your flower box not only comes with these beautiful fresh flowers, but also includes professional flower design tools, and exclusive access to a pre-recorded floral design class with a certified floral designer. As you follow along, you will learn all the tips and tricks you need to know when working with DIY flowers. Your final arrangement will be bold and beautiful, just like you! Display your pink and purple flowers in your kitchen, or give them away as a heartfelt gift. A hand-crafted flower arrangement is a unique way to share anniversary or birthday flowers with your loved one! Whether you’re seeking a night to yourself, or want to invite your friends and family to craft with you, these bold blooms are ready to be sent to your home with a simple flower delivery.



Great Gift for the kids for Valentine’s Day!!

These surprise inside eggs are a big hit right now with the kids. With yowieworld you can learn about endangered animals, vulnerable species and how to save the natural world, than through chocolate!

These treats are guilt free – as our Surprise-Inside product is 100% Milk chocolate, that is sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. As a global brand, we have created a high quality chocolate which has been made to enjoy by chocolate lovers all over the world! They are non-GMO, nut free and gluten free chocolate, which is both Kosher and Halal Certified.

Be sure to collect them all!!



So Sweet Bath And Body has the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone!!

So Sweet Bath and Body is a themed self-care brand that serves as a one-stop shop for self-care needs and makes self-care time sweeter. The “bath and body” of the brand speaks to the quality of and ingredients in the products that aid in relaxation, while the “so sweet” speaks to the desserts and sweets that the products look and smell like.

The smell absolutely amazing



Comfort Cream for Men it gives them great protection, order neutralizing, prevents chafing, made with aloe for soothing and has a manly scent.

You can grab some my happy nuts and he will thank you!!



Time to pamper yourself or give a gift to someone for Valentine’s Day or any occasion!!

This Shea Butter Body Cream by beurresheabutter is absolutely amazing. Once you get out of the bath or shower gently massage a small amount into your skin!!

This is a natural formula features intentionally paired oils that are known for reviving and nourishing the skin. Infused with enchanted rose geranium, elderflower essence and uplifting Lemon Verbena creates a euphoric effect.


I absolutely love these cards they are wonderful for promoting positive habits!! My kids and I had a lot of fun reading them to each other. After we read one we talked about what they said and how we felt!!

The world needs young people who are kind, loving and resillent. Creating a better future starts with teaching our kids how to be a light; and how to live with integrity and intention.

Each card in the My True Reflection deck includes a statement and a reflection. This is to encourage conversation!!



These beautiful bracelets by @bondsandwonders would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift for your special someone!!

I absolutely adore them and how comfortable they actually are to wear!!

Bonds & Wonders creates handcrafted pieces that are made with loving care for special occasions to serve as beautiful reminders of those significant dates or moments that you cherish. Bonds & Wonders offers elegant and timeless designs to hold dear forever. Each piece in their collections is thoughtfully designed to make someone feel loved, treasured, and special. Whether you are buying it for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, the love and thoughtfulness will be fully expressed by the piece. Nothing is more priceless than jewelry that is specially made for you.

Getting ready to for trip for Valentine’s Day well grab this cute bag to pack all of your stuff in.

Outdoor enthusiasts never sacrifice style and individuality as long as @kinseyrhea comes along on outings. Makers of fashion-forward carry handbags and tactical gear, the fun-loving brand empowers women in their lifestyle choices. The “Muddy Girl” design is a lifestyle camo for the outdoor hunter that also enjoys throwing on a cute pair of boots. Accessorize with bags, belts, purses, and rock your look, your way – you’ll love the embellished rhinestones on a few pieces and purple accents!

This bag can be bought on amazon

Whether you are cooking dinner or doing a bbq for Valentine’s Day @aspiceaffair
Has you covered with the perfect spices! I actually us them on just about everything I cook or my husband cooks is 😂

For this Valentines, A Spice Affair will spice up any mood with the flavor of exoticism, to the incomparable taste of pleasure, tantalize the taste buds-daring to fall in love!

A Spice Affair offers genius blends in unique premium packs in sets ready to use, making any small meal become a discovery of a tasty experience from “Sens’Asian”, “Arabian Nights”, “Indian Charms”, “World Set Tour” and more.

It becomes easier to be creative, imagine and discover countless satisfactions to the appetite, and enjoy every moment together.

You can check them out here  and also on Amazon

Husky Beards offers everything from beard shampoo, conditioner, oils, brushes, and combs. All products are natural and handmade in the USA. The oils used are hand-mixed to be nongreasy and thinner than most on the market, making them more pleasurable with a subtle “whisper scent” of coconut and mahogany.

The Fresh Pack is $36 and provides a simple four-step grooming routine and it includes:
– Original Non-Stripping Beard Wash
– Original Hydrating Beard Conditioner
– Charcoal Handmade Soap Bar
– Carbon Fiber Pick Comb


I really love this brush from sisi_spray_n_style it is a life saver in the morning for my daughter!! Her hair seems to always get tangled up. We can throw it in my purse and go as well!! It takes up less space than dragging along a bottle of detangler. #spon #brush #hairbrush #detangle

urbanoriginals creates drop-dead gorgeous bags that are Uber practical, without using any animal leather. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Urban Originals uses the finest quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible and works to very low chemical requirements. So when you buy Urban Originals, you can feel as good as you look!