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Blue Homestyle Recipe Toy Breed Dog Food




BLUE makes a Homestyle Recipe canned dog food which is made specially for the Toy Breed. Each

one of these can contains real deboned chicken that contains amino acids. Blue has taught some

things that I didn’t really know about. These things are that chelated minerals which boost their

immune system and that Biotin keeps your dogs skin and coat healthy. The brown rice and barley

are carbohydrates that give them the energy they need every day.





When you think of whole carrots and sweet potatoes, blueberries and cranberries do you think of

dog food. I really love how much things have changed with the effort and care is put into the food

we feed our pets. Things have come a very long way from when I was a just a kid feeding my pet to

being an adult feeding my very own pets. This is another option other than the raw diets which you

have to substitute supplements to balance everything else.



The best part is that you can order in on and have it sent right to your door step within just a couple of days.


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Self-Care Starter Package: $50 Gift Card + ONE FREE item from Resveralife


resveralife self-care products soap face wash schimiggy reviews        Resveralife Coco & Oats Soap and Botanical Facial Cleanser

Schimiggy Reviews is hosting a wellness giveaway with Resveralife! One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card plus ONE FREE item from Resveralife.

For this giveaway, Alex (the one-woman show behind Schimiggy Reviews) has created a guide on How to Create an Easy Self-Care Routine. So often we place our self-care on the backburner. The needs of others and work tend to get the most of our attention. If you’re constantly feeling burnt out or exhausted, a self-care routine will help replenish the energy you need to show up as your best self for your loved ones.

Resveralife is a unique retail brand that believes in offering customers a healthy lifestyle experience inspired by all five senses – sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. We believe in celebrating health from the inside out. Our boutique carries a diverse line up of products that promote an active and healthy way of living through diet, exercise, rejuvenation and spiritual wellness.

We want to give you a Self-Care Starter Package! The contest runs February 22 through March 5, 2019. One (1) Winner will be announced on March 6th. Good luck!

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Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body






This Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health food is made for adult dogs and any breed from small to large. It’s a wet Pate food in a can that helps with weight control. While it is gluten-free diet, that is made with high quality chicken, salmon and duck, with a balance of proteins and nutrients. They make it with fewer calories than other foods.





This is something that I didn’t know about this food and that is it’s made with Yucca Schidigera extract aids gastrointestinal system and reduces odor in stool. This helps the food to be highly digestible allowing all of the Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 to abosorb for optimal brain health.






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Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight





Blue Buffalo Homestyle has different Recipes that you can choose from to give your dog. Which ever one you decide on you should know that it will contain natural ingredients and wholesome nutrition. This formula that I picked to give my Australian Shepherd is a Healthy Weight Recipe which is my dog help him maintain a healthy weight.



When I get home from work and sit on the couch for a minute this is what my dog does until I feed him his food. He can’t wait to dig into it.

Blue Buffalo is made with deboned chicken, Carrots, peas, blueberries, and also cranberries. These whole grains and carbohydrates help increase your dogs engery while having chelates minerals that help with immune system.

When you order this food from chewy you will also get a great deal to your day in a maternity of days.


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Purina One SmartBlend Dog Food


Purina ONE SmartBlend Classic Ground Turkey & Barley Entree Adult Wet Dog Food, 13-oz, case of 12


We all want to feed our dogs great food and for it to be something that they will enjoy. This Purina ONE SmartBlend Classic Ground Turkey & Barley Entree Adult Wet Dog Food is a great choice. The top 3 ingredients in this food are real turkey, turkey broth and liver. They pack the can with protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to give your dog a balanced meal. What dog does not like to enjoy a big bowl of Barley, oats, spinach, potatoes and carrots.


My dog gets so excited as soon as he sees the can most of the time we use it as a topper on his dry food.

Proudly made in Purina-owned facilities in the USA with no fillers so each ingredient has a purpose.




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These shoes are retro inspired classic from the 90’s. When you look at them they look kinda of big but once you put them on you don’t even notice. I really like these shoes I have wide feet and finding shoes that are comfortable is not always easy. They come with a padded insole, rubber outsole, breathable lining and a padded collar and tongue. This is a style that you can own any time of the day.


I am am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of these shoes.The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and  Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.

Make sure that you enter below:

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Solid Gold Holistic Delights Creamy Bisque Cat Food Pouches


Solid Gold Holistic Delights Creamy Bisque with Coconut Milk Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches, 3-oz, case of 12

 This Holistic variety pack includes high-protein recipes that your cat will love.  They make it with coconut milk and real pieces of beef, crab, shrimp, chicken, salmon, and of course tuna. This ingredients are a cat’s favorite thing to eat. They have balanced all the vitamins your cat needs to have a healthy diet including calcium from the coconut milk. The coconut milk is also helps with their daily hydration. We add this packet to dry food and they absolutely love it.


Creative Cafe Barista Bar



This Creative Café looks just like many of the machines us adults

may already have on our counter. Well with being said my kids are

always trying to help use mine it’s fun for them. I really love this

Creative Cafe machine for my kids seem to get so creative and they

feel like they are making something very special.


The way it works is you mix the powder with milk and you froth

by pulling the lever down. My daughter loves the stencils that

you place on top of the cup to make a extra design with the

powder they have or one you may have in your cupboard. We even

added some syrups that we already had.


Their are many different recipes to choose from or just create one of

your own! This will work great with any milk that you have, don’t

drink milk that’s ok it also works great with milk alternatives.

The best part is that this is Kid safe, and their is no heat needed!

The fun is endless with this check out for

more details! You can find it online or in store at Amazon

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Changeover ll By Lugz



Lugz are my husbands new favorite shoe every time he gets a new pair he seems to like those better than the last pair. The New Changerover ll is not just a sneaker but designed like an athletic sporty shoe. This shoe is made in a more comfortable fashion so it can worn everyday. I love the way the bottom of the shoes look they have a jagged design on them for better traction.


These are Olive/ Bone color and have Padded Insole, TPR Outsole. They have a Padded Tongue and Collar with the Classic Lugz Hardware on Logo & Eyelets and a Synthetic Nubuck Upper. They are on sale right now
For $49.99 which is $10 off the normal price.



I am am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of these shoes.The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and  Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.


Enter Below:








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Animoto’s Storyboard




I would love to introduce to you a new feature that Animoto’s has now which is New Social-friendly Storyboards! These new features are customized for any brand or topic on Facebook on Instagram. Everybody loves social media for many different reasons whether it is to create a post to share with family. Whether it’s a special event, to share milestone or network for your business. This is a great tool to use and it’s super easy. They have 3 new storyboard templates that feature sharp cuts and stylish text effects designed for story-heavy, viral-style content.

Explore all Animoto plans!

Those first few seconds are essential to keeping your viewer’s attention. Try to put your impactful image or video clip, at the very beginning to make sure it gets seen. Once you do that Lead with a fun or surprising statistic is another useful entry-point for a video. You always what to get them wondering so they stay interested. These storyboards are templates designed specifically to help you stand out on social, and the three newest additions, masterminded by Irina, were created specifically for storytelling videos.

They have a great Offer going right now you can get 15% Off All Animoto Plans! by using code LASTCHANCEBRANDCAMP15. Don’t miss out this offer ends on 10/5/18.



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Merrick Lil’ Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack Adult Dog Food Trays




Merrick Lil’ Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack Adult Dog is something new to me. Their food is made for small dogs. Petite Pot Pie, Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner, so heaven to them. I will have to say that we also put it as a food topper for our Australian Shepherd and he couldn’t get enough of it. It’s just the right amount to fill both the needs of a small dog and to be used as a topper for the larger breed dogs. It contains real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient for a high-protein meal, and also includes farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas and more. The easy-open trays pack all this incredible nutrition into a convenient, single-serving sized container for small-breed dog and for us a great food topper for larger dogs.







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Save Money Shop Gazelle




NEW: Pixel 2XL Now Available At Gazelle!  Make sure you stop by this great website they have a really awesome deals.

Here is one of the offers they are having right now:

You can get a $25 Bonus on MacBooks valued at $250+
This deal Starts: August 13th and will End on August 26th.
Back To School Trade-In Sale: Get A $25 Bonus on MacBooks valued at $250+ at Gazelle! (8/13-8/26)

Save Money With A Certified Pre-Owned Macbook!

School is starting soon so if you need extra cash and some your old phone I would check them out the process is fast. Even if you are wanting to sell you old to upgrade this is a place to go. They make it a very positive and painless process. I have heard from many of my friends also using them and have never heard any bad comments.




Need some Real Cash Real Fast just visit



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Back To School Supplies



Well it’s that time again we are rushing around getting our last minute school supplies for our kids and for some ourselves. I have found some really neat supplies this year that I am really looking forward to getting some use out of. These are really cute and your kids will love them as well!




Scribble Stuff makes these really cute scented felt tip pens. They are in a pack of 16 and they colors are amazing. They are sturdy plastic nib and .8mm in size. When you write with them the ink is smooth.


The scents of these pens are: Peach, Watermelon, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry Frost, Fig, Peppermint, Black Currant, Sherbet, Lemmon, Lime, Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry, and yummy Cotton Candy for just SPR $9.99.


They also make Gel Pens that come in a pack of 8which are really popular right now with my kids. I really love the fluorescent colors and the comfortable grip that they have. The clip on the pens is pretty big so that you can attach them to you notebook and go. The SRP Iis $3.69.


It seems like pencils are just not made the same as they used to be. Last year I had a hard time finding a pencil that was decent and an eraser that actually worked. The problem I had was they either would break really easy or they were horrible to sharpen. I was excited when a found some pencils by USA GOLD!! These pencils work great and will save me lots of time and frustration trying to sharpen them or hunt for another pencil. They come in a pack of ten and are already sharpened. The SRP for these is $1.99.

All of these products above can be found at Walmart.




Everybody should have one of these in their house it’s the perfect size and can be used for many things. This 8.5” x 11” Plastic Framed Dry Erase Board is great to have to work with the kids on their homework or for parents to write their to do lists on. It mounts easy and comes with a little magnetic so that you can attach pieces of paper to them as well. The SRP for these is $3.19!


These Board can be found at a couple of different stores such as Jo-Ann’s, Amazon, and Kamrt.

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Summer Fun With Pentel Pens And Giveaway




Pentel pens has some awesome pens for you to enjoy this summer. After a long day of swimming why stop having family fun. Open you box of Pentel pens and get creative doing anything you choose. We had a lot of fun together we drew on a shirt and also colored paper. The kids had so much fun and there was no mess.





I am am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win $40.00 worth of Pentel Pens. The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. US ONLY  Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen


Enter Below

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SmitCo Review And Prize Pack Giveaway






My Daughter loves her My Secret Coloring Craft Kit with this set you get a lot for such a great price. This set includes a carrying case with passcode lock, 9 ERASABLE colored pencils, 1 roll Washi tape, 4 Blank cards and envelopes, 1 Sheet of stickers and stencils, and 1 Booklet.

My daughter is 6 years old and loves the fact that it has a passcode to keep her little brother out of it. She used the cards that it came with almost right away and gave one to each of us. The stickers are great to add in the notebook with whatever she is drawing.

I think that this is a great gift to have on hand for many different occasions it is recommended for ages 5 and up. They have a customer service if your not satisfied with your purchase you can return for a full refund!



Every girls loves to have a journal to right about her thoughts or the day that she is having. This one comes with both lined and also blank pages so they can write and draw in it. My daughter really loves the fuzzy pen and lipstick easer and the extra large paper clips to hold her place in he journal.

Enter below to win your very own prize pack for that special someone or even yourself.

SmitCo Prize Pack

Giveaway Details:
Open to US Residents.
Prizes: 1 winner will get all 3
Kids Coloring Set
Kids Pedicure Set
Journals for Girls
Dates – June 25 – July 9 2018

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Adorable Essentials




Jessa Dress in light  purple


Adorable Essentials has such a great variety of dress for many different occasion. The company is based in St. Louis and a woman owed business they have been in business for 5 years.They have a cute motto “We believe in a closet full of color” and with that being said they offer essentials in over 20 different colors. They carry 15 different styles of essentials all year round.


Willa Dress in bright pink
They make their products from essentials knit fabric which are very durable and machine washable and easy to clean which is great. We all know that our little ones always seem to get stains.

The best part of the Adorable Essentials is that they are very affordable. The essentials are all priced at $18.88 or under and solid color dress are $24.88 or less.


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Original Super Pretzel




Having a Family movie night is the perfect time to enjoy some SUPERPRETZEL Original 6 ct. (Frozen). I found mine for a great price of $2.56 these pretzels are fully Baked and Soft and it comes with the salt included. I even had a coupon for .50 cents off which brought them down to $2.06 which is an awesome price for a family fun snack. Print coupon for $.50 OFF any ONE (1) SUPERPRETZEL® Soft Pretzel Product.





If you just can’t wait to eat them like my family then they can be ready In just seconds in the microwave. Even if you decide to cook them in the oven it still only takes about 3-4 minutes to be ready. So after the movie was over I asked my daughter how she liked her snack her exactly words were “Mommy I didn’t like them I loved them can I have more after school tomorrow!” and of course I said yes. I will be purchasing many more of these and I am sure your family will enjoy them.



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Castor & Pollux PRISTINE Grain-Free Dog Food



We all want to Feed our pets the possible food we can. Well I have found one that my dad really seems to enjoy. Castor & Pollux PRISTINE Grain-Free Wild-Caught Salmon & Chickpea Recipe Dry Dog Food is the name of it. One of the first  ingredients, in this food is  wild-caught salmon which is responsibly caught by a certified sustainable fishery. They make it with real organic produce which is grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, on farms that care for the earth.

If you are on the go a lot the best place to buy it in on




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Zignature Turkey Canned Dog Food





When it comes to feeding time for your fur baby they will love a bowl with wholesome nutrition of  Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Canned Dog Food. This food is made with real, farm-raised Turkey from the American Midwest, wholesome peas, chickpeas, and carrots. With most foods on the market meat is not the first ingredient. Well this one is and it offers your pet a meal packed with the protein they need to thrive, and is grain free. This food is hypoallergenic, low-glycemic nutrition while combined with key antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and is also packed with vitamins and minerals.




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Nutro Wild Frontier Cat Food





These Nutro Wild Frontier Real Chicken & Beef, Real Salmon & Trout Recipe Pate Multipack Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Cat Food Trays are such a great addition to your cats diet. The portioned are just the right size that allow you feed them the perfect With this multipack it features recipes that are made with real chicken and real salmon as the first ingredients, and they don’t contain any grains, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Sometimes my cat can not eat just one.


Best Features:
Contains 12 twin-packs which gives your feline friend 24 perfectly portioned servings.
Grain-free formula is made without corn, wheat or soy—just high-quality ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives for a natural and delicious taste. Nutro’s dedicated team of experts tailor their formulas to your pet’s life stage and health condition. They only use natural ingredients that they directly buy and can trace back to their suppliers.


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Vampirina By Townleygirl


With Easter right around the corner you might want to make a stop at Townleygirl to pick up some great Vampirina products and much more. They have so many different products to choose from and the prices are just amazing. They are sure to have something for the kids on your list or possibly for yourself. You are never to old to have fun and these are some products that will just help with that.



Vampirina 2 Pack Lip Tube with Purse and Clips

It’s just $4.99 and this Includes 2 shimmery lip gloss tubes, 2 clips and 1 purse
Lip gloss colors and flavors include rose strawberry and dark purple grape.


Vampirina Super Sparkly 4 Pack Nail Polish Set with Nail File

For $7.99 you get an assortment of 4 nail polishes and nail file
Nail polishes are non-toxic, peelable, water-based and bubble gum scented; shades include teal, purple, peach shimmer and white glitter.



Vampirina Glam on the Go with Keychain


Just $2.99 can’t beat that price this is a great little item they can attach to their backpacks. This Sheer Lip balm, is a shimmery lip glosses and has a collectible key chain. Lip balm and gloss colors and flavors include rose strawberry, purple grape and green watermelon.




Vampirina 5 Pack Lip Balm with Bonus Tin

$7.99 gets you five moisturizing shimmery lip balms and glitter bonus tin. Colors and flavors include: blue cotton candy, rose strawberry, green watermelon, purple grape and yellow bubble gum.




Vampirina 12 Piece Press-On Nail Set

$3.99 Awesome deal!! Don’t have time to paint your nails well no need to worry you can just grab these Press and impress! These press-on nails, inspired by your favorite vampire, and an assortment  of 12 press-on nails

I am going to be having a giveaway and ONE lucky winner will win a Vampirina prize pack. (US Only) Prize will be shipped by the sponsor. Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be chosen.






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True Chews Dog Treats




Because you only want the best for your best friend, you should choose True Chews Premium Jerky Treats to reward the with when they are being good. They’re made with U.S.-sourced meat that’s raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids for a high-protein jerky treat that satisfies and nourishes in every single bite. They have zero corn, wheat, soy or anything artificial in them, so you can truly feel good when you treat you Dog with them every day. They are sure to love you when you reward them with a delicious, premium-quality treat you can trust because it’s made right here in the USA using only the finest natural ingredients. You don’t even have to leave your house to get them just visit and have them shipped to you in a couple of days.



Follow them on social media by clicking the link below:

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Great Quality Wigs By Black Hairspray


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine



Black Hairspray is a beauty company that offers thousands of different style wigs and hair care products. This wig that you see in the picture below is soft textured and long lasting and it’s a small 20”.



This wig is quick and easy to install with the crochet and loop connections. The wig is heat safe and flame retartant. It comes in 9 different colors. With this you can mix and match packs to create your own unique hair masterpiece. The pack comes with 20 strands per pack. 20″ long. They will have everything that you will need to care for your hair, even products to care for your skin and nails in the Black Hairspray Beauty section.

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Nu Locs Braids – Goddess 20″

This site will absolutely amaze you on all the different types and styles of braids that you can buy. Black Hairspray has the best braiding hair and some of the top quality choices of  the widest variety of choices of human hair and synthetic styles with over 100 colors. They offer brands by Freetress, Milky Way, Outre and Sensationnel. The 100% human hairs are made for easy braiding and apply heating appliances. These are made from the finest fibers the synthetic looks which makes it feel so close to healthy natural human hair, and is very easy to comb.

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Make A Next-Gen Gingerbread House





One of our favorite seasonal traditions is decorating a gingerbread house with the family. Some years we go all out and bake one from scratch. Other years we pick up a pre-made kit at the store. Either way, hands are sticky, hearts are full and memories are made. This year, we’re giving the traditional gingerbread house a Go Organically “renovation” with fun swaps and alternative decorations that everyone will love. We’re calling it the “Next-Gen Gingerbread House.” Here’s how it’s done!

Step 1: Go House Hunting

First you’ll need the gingerbread structure itself—meaning the walls, roof and doors. Your two options are baking and buying.

Baking: Find a basic gingerbread house recipe online, like this one from The Food Network. It includes paper patterns for your gingerbread house template so you’ll know how big to make the walls, roof, etc. It’s easy to swap out any of the ingredients for organic versions, such as organic butter or organic all-purpose flour.

Buying: The holidays can be hectic, so if you can make things easier with a pre-made kit, why not? This one from IKEA* includes just the structure itself and lets you add whatever decorations you want. Better yet? It’s only $3.99. Perfect! If you’re not near an IKEA, any kit will do. Simply save any unused decorations or icing for other holiday baking projects.
Step 2: Make the Cement

Next you’ll need to make a binder to hold the structure together. Traditional royal icing is made with confectioners’ sugar, egg whites and vanilla extract, and you can find the instructions here. For a Next-Gen version, consider modifying the recipe with coconut confectioners’ sugar and free range eggs. Or skip the royal icing altogether in favor of melted organic white chocolate. Use your “cement” of choice to assemble the house and let it sit for a bit while you gather your decorations.

Step 3: Decorate with the Unexpected

Now comes the fun part: decorating! While we love candy canes and gumdrops as much as the next person, there’s something so elegant about a natural-looking gingerbread house adorned with nuts, popcorn and fresh herbs. A few ideas to get you started:

Thatched roof: Use shredded wheat cereal to create a thatched roof. You can either apply whole pieces as shingles, or shred them with your hands and scatter them across the roof for a rustic effect.

Pathway: Create a “stone path” leading up to the front door using a mix of almonds and walnuts.

Windows: Outline your windows with pumpkin or sunflower seeds to mimic the look of a wooden frame.

Wreath: Shape a wreath out of fresh thyme to hang on the front of the house.

Pop of color: Use Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks to add visual interest while keeping the rest of the look low key. Stick on a red door knob or outline the roof with a string of colorful holiday “lights.”

Happy decorating from all of us at Go Organically! Made with real fruit, our gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free kids snacks are a great choice for your on-the-go life. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more kid-friendly ideas!

*Note: Go Organically is not associated with IKEA.

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Star Wars™ 1/70 Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter™ Plastic Model Kit




The Jast Jedi” – the new Star Wars movie opening in mid-December – including four snap-together, hyper-realistic scale plastic model kits of vehicles from the new movie.

Exclusively from Revell, the kits are designed for ages 8+ and up and feature action lights and sound for the first time ever in scale plastic models. These models are super fun and they only took about 10 minutes to put together. My son who is almost 5 years old had such a blast putting them together with his dad. They do have small pieces so if you have a younger child you will want to supervise them at all times. Once it is put together you ca put the batteries in and it will make battle action sounds and light up. This is such a perfect gift to purchase for someone whether it be for a Birthday, Holiday, or just because. I think that I may be purchasing them for my husband he will truly enjoy collecting all of these Star Wars Models because he is such a big fan.

Below I have listed all of the information about this amazing product that you will need know.

Star Wars™ 1/70 Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter™ Plastic Model Kit
Product ID: 85-1647
Skill Level: 2
Length: 9-61/64″
Width: 4-25/64″
Height: 3-5/8″
Parts: 20
Track down the Resistance with Kylo Ren’s personal TIE Fighter™! Highly detailed model kit includes 20 easy snap together pieces and is loaded with features, including Kylo Ren, light up engine, battle action sound and opening cockpit hatch. You are now ready to hunt down the enemy and play out movie scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Includes Kylo Ren
Light Up Engine
Battle action sounds
20 easy snap together parts, no glue or tools required
Movie detail, decorated parts-no paint required
Includes 2 1.5v LR44 batteries

They Are Available At Target