Our Halloween 2014


PicMonkey Collagejg

We had such a good time t the Pumpkin patch with the kids this year. They are at such a fun age right now. The whole way home in the car our 3 year old kept telling us Thank you that she had so much fun. This is something that I want to continue to do with them. It was a great fun and great food at a very low cost. These are the memories that we as parents just want to treasure and our kids will remember for years to come.

We will have more memories to add to this post to share with you.



Our Handsome Son Kalebrocks First Haircut


I thought for sure that when I took him to get his first haircut on August 17th 2014 he would not do so well.

PicMonkey Collageb

This is not what I was expecting at all. I was actually kind of nervous about taking him since

he is still a year old. I thought that we might not even make it all the way through the haircut. He did

such am amazing job I was so proud of him. He is such a happy baby all of The time.



I am one very proud Mommy ūüôā




2014-04-26 08.41.35


Having Grandparents in your life is so important. Many people have them and totally take them for granted! They are such a blessing to us and our children.  They are full of knowledge, stories and most important love.





2014-05-10 17.36.34


Just this simple walk down the street is a big thing to a child.  It creates memories for them. They have a bond that is so different than a Mother and Father have with their Children.


2014-05-10 17.36.25

My Kids Love their PAPA!!






Easter Sunday

2014-04-20 11.34.56

Ryan Brooklyn

2014-04-20 11.35.03

Kaleb Rock

This is how we spent our Easter Sunday. We went Spent the day at their Aunts¬† House. The weather was perfect. The Kids had such a¬†great time. I wish Danica and Shane could have been there with to Share it with us. Family time is the Best. It looks like Kaleb’s Basket is bigger than he is.


2014-04-20 11.07.04

Randi Jordon and her Cousin Isaiah



They had such a great time¬† coloring there eggs.¬† I Don’t think that you ever to old to enjoy the fun of Easter morning. They wanted there eggs to be just perfect.¬† I think the older kids had just as much finding the hidden eggs as the little ones.



2014-04-20 14.39.33

On Their Hunt



Kaleb was finding them but I don’t think that her realized exactly what he was doing. Once he found one all he wanted to do was play with it instead of finding more. This was his first Easter egg hunt. He did end up finding ten eggs.


2014-04-20 14.36.54

Finding his very first Easter egg.

2014-04-20 14.39.42

She found one!!!


Once Little Miss Ryan got started she wouldn’t stop. I think that she found just as many as the older kids did. Look out Big kids next year Ryan may just run circles around you.





















Our Daughter Randi


2013-11-17 10.55.00



This is Our Daughter Randi she is 12 years old. She is such a great kid with a heart of gold. Her favorite colors are purple and green. When she gets older she there are a couple of things that she is interested in doing. The first one would be a chef and the second one is a palaeontologist (a person who studies fossils).

Beautiful RJ



Randi is in the Gate program in school. With her grades  and determination she will have no problem accomplishing anything she wants. In her spare time she loves to listen to music and ride horses. We are so proud of the young women she has become.





Awesome sushi great price

2014-03-15 15.08.14


2014-03-15 14.42.12

Great Food

The food here was so Good. The price was even better. We went here around 2:30 in the afternoon and they consider that happy hour. During happy hour everything is half off.

2014-03-15 14.30.39

Girls Day out

We had such a great time we really need to do this more often.

2014-03-15 15.11.03

Okay Auntie

Look at this cute little Bear that the chef made us for dessert.

My Loving Husband


This is my loving husband Sean Rattan who is 45. This is also me Michelle Rattan and I am 39.

My Oldest


My oldest son is Johnathon Cunningham (Rattan). He is 28 years old.

My Mischievous


My mischievous is Shane Rattan. He is 21 years old.

My Oldest daughter


My oldest daughter is Danica Marie Crooks (Rattan). She is 20 years old.

My pre-teen


My 11 year old Randi Jordon Rattan is our little lets say FASHIONISTA.

Little miss Ryan


My 20 month-old girl is Ryan Brooklyn Rattan (our little monster). This picture isnt very recent.

My Youngest


My youngest is my 7 week old baby boy Kaleb Rock Richard Rattan for short: KRRR