Back To School Supplies



Well it’s that time again we are rushing around getting our last minute school supplies for our kids and for some ourselves. I have found some really neat supplies this year that I am really looking forward to getting some use out of. These are really cute and your kids will love them as well!




Scribble Stuff makes these really cute scented felt tip pens. They are in a pack of 16 and they colors are amazing. They are sturdy plastic nib and .8mm in size. When you write with them the ink is smooth.


The scents of these pens are: Peach, Watermelon, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry Frost, Fig, Peppermint, Black Currant, Sherbet, Lemmon, Lime, Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry, and yummy Cotton Candy for just SPR $9.99.


They also make Gel Pens that come in a pack of 8which are really popular right now with my kids. I really love the fluorescent colors and the comfortable grip that they have. The clip on the pens is pretty big so that you can attach them to you notebook and go. The SRP Iis $3.69.


It seems like pencils are just not made the same as they used to be. Last year I had a hard time finding a pencil that was decent and an eraser that actually worked. The problem I had was they either would break really easy or they were horrible to sharpen. I was excited when a found some pencils by USA GOLD!! These pencils work great and will save me lots of time and frustration trying to sharpen them or hunt for another pencil. They come in a pack of ten and are already sharpened. The SRP for these is $1.99.

All of these products above can be found at Walmart.




Everybody should have one of these in their house it’s the perfect size and can be used for many things. This 8.5” x 11” Plastic Framed Dry Erase Board is great to have to work with the kids on their homework or for parents to write their to do lists on. It mounts easy and comes with a little magnetic so that you can attach pieces of paper to them as well. The SRP for these is $3.19!


These Board can be found at a couple of different stores such as Jo-Ann’s, Amazon, and Kamrt.

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