#Baby Alive Plays and Giggles Baby doll


I received this product to review. These are all my own thoughts.



                                             Baby Alive Plays And Giggles


When My Daughter saw this doll she was so excited.



The Baby Alive Play and Giggles is a great doll for your little ones. The body of the doll is mostly soft which I really like. She does have a very hard head, legs and arms. My three year old really enjoys playing with her. When it came time to learning how to push on the dolls hand to get her it talk it took a few times. The one thing that I wish that is doll had is an on and off switch. She has been sleeping with it at night and has rolled on it and made it go off.

When the doll does talk it is not loud enough to bother you. It has just enough saying for the kids to enjoy.

The clothes on this doll are perfect because you can not take them off.  There are a few dolls in her collection that no longer have clothes on them. This makes it much easier on all of us.


Most dolls that are out there are pretty pricy. This doll is priced perfect.

I would recommend this doll to any little girl to enjoy like my two little ones have.




My 1 year old son had a great time playing with this doll as well.

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