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Randi with her Skullcandy Headphones


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This year for Christmas we bought our eleven year old daughter Randi Skullcandy Headphones. She loves to listen to music and play games on her tablet and home computer. We have bought Randi a lot of headphones and ear buds in the past. For one reason or another they never seem to last very long. Whether it be that they are made cheaply made or they are not comfortable for her. We went to Radio shack looking for something and we spotted these. She loves them they are comfortable, they control the noise great. The Best part is that they have held up. I would recommend these to anyone that wears headphones a lot.

The Land of Nod finds

Do you remember these
A little wooden stove


At Christmas time we received a gift card for Crate n Barrel. We went online to look to see what they had. We couldn’t decide what we wanted to buy with it.Then we noticed that they had a sister store called The Land Of Nod. Once we saw what they had we decided to go to the store. All of the toys that they had reminded my hubby and I of the toys we had played with as a kid. They had a lot to choose from we decided to get a little stove made of wood, some green toys and little fun toys. We are really happy with our choice. The kids are having a blast with them.

Happy Birthday Kaleb Rock

Kaleb Rock At 1 Week old

I cant believe a year has passed

Our son has grown so much over the last year

To watch him grow and learn new things is such an amazing thing. I cant believe how fast time goes. He is such a happy baby. If ever the day seems bad your children’s smiles and love seem to wash all of that away. These are the moments that you need to enjoy and remember. They grow up so fast.

Money Saving Mom Tips – Easy Mac N Cheese


2013-11-30 12.27.222013-11-30 12.44.52 In Our home mac n cheese is a hit for lunch. It is just as simple to make whether you buy a box ready to go or make it from scratch. We have found that when we make it from scratch we do not spent anymore money, but the amount of waste is less. The 7 oz Bags of noodles will last us about 4-5 servings and the box of cheese will out last 6 bags of noodles.

If you have a large family and are looking to save money or just don’t want to waste a whole box of mac n cheese for your toddler this is a great way to go!

As you can tell by our daughters big smile it is a hit.2013-11-30 12.49.39

Safety 1st Sit n Go Booster Seat – Brown


Safety 1st Sit n Go Booster Seat - Brown - Safety 1st  - Babies"R"UsThe Safety 1st Sit, Snack and Go Booster Seat is not only great for home use but can also be used on the go. It is very light weight and sturdy. My son is 10 months old and it works perfect for him. I love the fact that it is a space saver. To clean this chair is extremely easy and not to mention the  great price It meets many of our family needs. We purchased it at Toysrus.

4.0 stars