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Start in New Year of right by giving your self or your loved ones the best gift Organic BeetRoot + Apple Cider Vinegar Powder – $10 Coupon on Amazon .

A SuperFood Packed with Nutritional Benefits!

The nutritional benefits of this powerful combination of Organic Beetroot + Apple Cider Vinegar include increased stamina and energy, supports immunity and detox and helps with weight loss. It’s a natural Nitric Oxide booster that reduces blood pressure and helps with better circulation. Plus, it’s non-GMO, has only 2 ingredients (Beetroot and Apple Cider Vinegar), no sweeteners, vegan, and only 20 calories per serving.

NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER –Controls Appetite, Increases Energy and Stamina, Improves Healthy Blood Pressure and Better Circulation, Supports Immunity and Detox.*

JUST PURE INGREDIENTS – Only TWO ingredients: 6 grams Organic Beet Root and 1 gram of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar powder per serving. ONLY 20 CALORIES PER SERVING! Non-GMO, NO sweeteners added, preservatives, fillers or additives. Clean. Pure. And Simple.

NATURAL DIGESTION – Formulated with organic Apple Cider Vinegar powder to help you cleanse fats from your body, promote digestion and assist in lowering your blood sugar. Delivers the nutritional benefits of beets and apple cider without juicing or drinking unpleasant-tasting apple cider vinegar.

GMP CERTIFIED QUALITY – We test all incoming raw materials for the active ingredients, heavy metals, GMOs, and microbial contamination through a third-party certified laboratory. Once manufactured, Superior Source nutritional powders go for additional potency, contaminant and purity testing. When we confirm that the finished product meets or exceeds our GMP compliant quality standards it is released to you.

USES – Add it to your favorite beverage, glass of water or as an ingredient in baked goods, making it the perfect way to get an extra boost of nutrients and energy in your cup!

Look below for a chance to win some of  one of these  packs! This giveaway Is US only and Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.



You will receive One 5-Pack that has a value of $135

• Organic Beetroot + Apple Cider Vinegar Powder • KETO Collagen • Just Women Iron • Advanced Zinc • Extra Strength Melatonin

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  1. I like to take Vitamin B12 for energy, Prenatal Vitamins which have so many benefits and Vitamin E capsules I take a safety pin and poke a small hole in them and apply it to my fingernails, massaging the ointment generously and I give my nails time to absorb it, then take a soft dry cloth and wipe the excess off. It really helps nails grow and look healthy.

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