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Holiday Edition Special Day Book (

 Save $10 this holiday season on all Special Day books! Regular price $99.95.

With this festive red cover it makes it perfect for holiday gifting, this holiday book is made to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, retirement, first Christmas or any date that you would like.  I really love this book it is always neat to see the events that were happening when you were born.

With these reprinted pages and view the headlines, of articles and photos that made history on your special day. This is offered exclusively and is available from The New York Times Store. This memory book has the day’s complete newspaper whenever it is possible. If the newspaper from your date was relatively small, famous front pages will be included to make the book a substantial gift.The holly-red leatherette cover is personalized with your recipient’s name in sumptuous gold lettering for a personal touch. I was really impressed with the way it was made it came with a certificate of authenticity and a little magnify piece to make for easy reading. This book is well worth every penny spent on it.


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                                             For the beer enthusiast – a personalized beer tub:   


For those of you who like to entertain or know someone who does this is a great gift. You can get it personalized in a few different designs. It has handles on each side which make for easy carrying around whether it be to a barbecue or tailgate party, Super bowl parties, or just to have at your house. This is a must have even if you don’t drink beer it is great to keep your water and soda cold.

The tub holds 5.5 gallons or, 24 standard-size beer bottles. It has handles on each side, making for easy carrying to the next picnic, barbecue or tailgate party.

Dimensions: 19″ x 14″ x 9″. Weighs 3 lb. Hand wash only.



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