Glamulet Jewelry



I was given the chance to review a Glamulet Bracelet with charms. I was a little nervous ordering it online because you have to measure your own wrist and I was afraid i was doing it wrong. They give you the different sizes to chose from so I was pretty sure my chances were good and that I did it right. Glamulet jewelry gives everyone a chance to create their own unique bracelet. Glamulet charms and bracelets are made in a high quality which means that it is made with 100% sterling silver. Glamulet can be used with other jewelry one example of this would be with Pandora Jewelry that make it at a very affordable price. When I first received the bracelet and tried to put it on it took me a few minutes to figure out how to even the open the clasp to put the charms on and wear it. Once I figured it out  I was very pleased on the comfort of the bracelet was with 3 charms on it. I was considering giving this to someone else but I fell in love with it and also it to custom fit to my wrist. I would like to order these for my girls I think that they would have a lot of fun with them and all of the different charms that you can get with them.

These are a great gift to purchase for that special person of yours. You can save 15% of by using this code at check out michelle15.




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