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If you are wanting to start a new diet then you should give this a try its a gluten-free high-protein diet! I was given the chance to review The 3-Day Meal Plan. When i replaced these with the things that I would normally eat I actually felt full and satisfied. My Favorite has to be the french vanilla Cereal. If you are a busy person and tend to eat on the go which can become very unhealthy and costly you should give these a shot.  You can get every thing listed below for around $22.35 and may qualify for free shipping.

What this box features:

The 3-Day Meal Plan will give you an idea of a typical three day example of how the Meal Plan can work for you. The plan also caters to athletes, so you can customize the Meal Plan to your specific needs.

With the 3-Day Meal Plan you will receive one, single-serve bag of the following items:

Apple Cinnamon cereal
French Vanilla
Honey Almond

Almond Delight
Veggie Pizza
Mac & Cheese

Jalapeno Honey Mustard pretzel
Cinnamon Toast

Protein Chips
Chili Nacho protein chips
Crispy Parmesan
Lemon Herb

Cookie Bites
Cinnamon Cookie Bites
Honey Almond Cookie Bites
BBQ Snack Mix

When ordering this you will receive 15 items and a FREE 3-day flier explaining how to use our Meal Plan! The 3-day flier is only used as an example of how this  3-day meal plan can possibly work for you, there are 4 items that are duplicated in the flier that will not be in the box. If you are looking to follow their meal plan please check out the 7-day or 28-day meal plan which come will all the products you need.

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