Men’s Lugz Shoe Giveaway


Lugz has alot of different styles of shoes for Men and Women to choose from. My husband and I have been wearing lugz for many years now. We absolutely love the way they feel on our feet.

My son has always wanted to try a pair but they don’t come in kids sizes. So he finally wears a size 6 and the smallest size they come in is a 6.5. We got him a pair of these shoes even though they were a little big he has worn them everyday to school. He says that they are the most comfortable shoes he as ever worn. I feel now we will have another one in the family that will only have lugz shoes in the closet.

Here is just a little information on theses shoes. These Men’s Clipper Splash Slip-On are made of soft, breathable textiles, they have elastic gore on each side which makes them more comfortable and easier to slip on and off.

I am am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of these shoes.The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.
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Food and Drinks Guide 2021


Having a special occasion and need some wine!! Well wineinsiders has got you covered they have so many different wines to choose from. You can get it delivered were ever you need it!

We are getting ready to end this weekend with a bbq with the meats that were delivered by eatmeatdistrict. They came packaged really well and were extra cold. If you don’t have time to go to the store or want to order them as a gift I highly reccomend them.


With the holidays fast approaching we all go to some type of gathering. Not sure what to take well Marys gone crackers has a great selection of crackers for a cheese plate. My favorite cracker is the jalapeno flavor. The other flavors they have are black pepper, original, seaweed + black sesame, and everything crackers!

These brownies from Cream bakery shop are so delicious!! As you can tell someone stole one before I could get a picture. These would definitely make a great gift for any occasion or for yourself.

I could not choose a favorite they only lasted about five minutes with my family, and the plate was empty. Check out their site and get some of the delicious brownies shipped your way!!

The flavors were Chocolate Chip Blondie,
Cookies and Cream Bars, Raspberry Swirl Bars, and Fudge Brownies.

Who doesn’t love soup!!! Well I have never in my life had soup like this before. Cooking borscht has some amazing but delicious soups to choose from. All you have to do is add some broth and chicken and cook. You will have a delicious home made soup in under 39 minutes!!

My kids also enjoyed it as much as I did!!!!

We are always looking for new spices to try The spice lab as a great selection.
They have a couple of different collections to choose from!! We are now trying the Taste of America collection!!

The kids love meatloaf so we actually added the Everything + More Spice to it and they loved it!!

These would make great gifts as well!!

I have just started my keto diet again after a major fail. Learning that stress is a big trigger of eating things you shouldn’t!! I have learned I need to put me first and now I begin my journey again ❤

Bhu foods have some delicious keto friendly snacks that will help your sweet tooth! They have some cookie dough bites in the flavors of White Chocolate Macadamia, Double Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Chip!!

We love to make chimichurri as a weekend snack and have used a couple if different olive oils!! This weekend we tried Olivo Amigo it was the best that I have had so far.

Their olive oil enchants flavors in food, fresh green fruitiness, it has a touch of bitterness and spice and is complex and well balanced in flavor! Which makes it perfect for cooking, baking, dipping, finishing and everything in between!


I got some great treats from sprout foods I am really excited to try the Blueberry Apple Wafflez. They sound amazing and a great thing to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the morning. I have never tried chickapea organic shells so I am that’s going to a nice treat to share with the family. I know that my kids will gobble up the Curlz and crispy chews ❤


Starting off this Halloween morning with a great cup of Brazil Santos Coffee from Trailhead coffee !!

They roast your coffee to order to ensure that you get the freshest coffee. I ordered my bag of coffee and had it in less than a week!!
This would make a great holiday gift for just to enjoy yourself. They have other flavors to choose from!!

Today is so cold and rainy outside it’s the perfect weather to enjoy a hot cup of Apple tea by soul mate yerba. They have so many flavors to choose from and each offers it own set of incredible healing benefits. They are all Organic and made by hand in small batches.

Try this on for size, the new manischewitzco Ugly Sweater Chanukah Sugar Cookie Kit.  The exciting offering has everything your family will need to create your Ugliest Sweater yet.  The kit includes sugar cookie mix; traditional yellow and blue color powders; Chanukah sprinkle mix; three piping bags and a sweater cookie cutter.  All you need is your sense of humor and creativity.  The packages make 8 to 10 Ugly Sweater Cookies to share, gift or ‘just eat.’ They are available a SRP of $8.99.

For just plain fun and good eating, make a Chanukah Party around the Manischewitz Ready to Decorate Pre-Baked Sugar Cookie Kit.  For an activity anywhere in the house, this kit includes 12 pre-baked sugar cookies shaped in all the festive ornaments of the season including Stars of David, Dreidels, Wine Glasses and Menorahs.  The package is complete with blue and silver glitter crystals; royal icing mix; blue and yellow color powders and three piping bags.  Your kids, friends and family can show their Chanukah creativity, snacking all along the way. The package yields 12 Chanukah Sugar Cookies at a SRP of $9.99.

The kits are available at leading supermarket and retail chains nationwide, including ACME, Shaw’s, select Albertson’s, Shop Rite, Wegman’s, Stop & Shop, Kroger stores, and online outlets including Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers 2021



I have just found a company that has really awesome products just for Men. Bel Essence has everything he will need to keep his skin feeling and looking fabulous. The holidays are coming these would make great presents and also stocking stuffers!!

Vegan Plant-Based hair dye No Fade Fresh  has a great line of them. They have no sulfate, ammonia, gluten, paraben no pod and no mineral oil. You just simply put the shampoo in you hair and let in sit for 2-3 minutes and wash it out.


I am getting ready to start my Monday morning with some Lions Fuel This duet fuel has minerals fat burners, electrolytes, metabolism enhancers, and is sugar free. You add 1 or 2 scoops to your daily water and enjoy. The scoops are very small so I just added 1 scoop to mine to try it out. I really like the flavor which is peach/strawberry daiquiri.


These shakesphere tumblers by @shakespherehq are made double wall and hold up to 700mls. With this capsule design they blend fruits with no blades with no waste and no mess. They are Leak proof guaranteed and would make a great present or even a stocking stuffer! Be sure to grab one for your self while you can!


If you have alot frizz in your hair and I have found a hair treatment by Masami that can help with it. They have a travel line which makes it convenient to take with you everywhere.



Do you know someone with a beard well  here is a great line of products that would be great as a gift or stocking stuffer. The beard oil soothes dryness and relieves itching and the you can use some of their beard balm to style and add some shine!


On the go alot needing some caffeine and don’t have time to stop for a coffee or soda!! Well goviter has got you covered with some caffeinated gum or mints.

These are definitely a great stocking stuffer as well as for yourself!!!

After a long week these Shower Steamers by nw beauty works are absolutely delightful. You just simply place on in the shower floor or tub. Make sure that they are out of direct water contact.
Breathe, relax and enjoy ❤

You can save 15% off your next order just use code: STEAMER15


We tend to always see grooming accessories for women!! Well what about men billion dollar brows has got them covered. They make great gifts or even stocking stuffers I would check them!!



I drive an older vehicle that does not have bluetooth capabilities so this gadget have been nice to have. Not only can I use it to make and receive calls hands free but it also allows me to listen to music through it.

This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer and you can grab you one from vont products


I never knew that russellstoverus had these new candy bars!! They are delicious and have a cute name “Joy Bites”. They are probably going to be a hot item for the upcoming holidays!! I would grab some if you see them you won’t be disappointed.


ProBiora Health has a great line of oral health not just for us but dogs and cats as well!! They are all Natural products and come in pill for and gum!! They help support gum a tooth help and gives you fresh breath and whitens your teeth!

For the animals you might be thinking how will that work? Well for the animals you just sprinkle it on their food and it helps with their breath and whitens teeth!!

Halloween Gift Guide 2021



Crafts 4 Rescues makes dog bandanas and scrunchies. They donate 20% of profits to animals in need and have many Fall and Halloween products available.

Add a little spookiness around the house this Halloween with the 18″ spooky lil ghost plush pillow!

Car seat Cuties– Frankenstein  monster plush baby carseat cover is a fun new blanket style covering.

If you don’t like to iron then Tom & Sheri’s iron in a bottle  is for you!! They also have a little travel bottle which I love to carry in my purse. It’s really simple to use all you can’t go wrong. Just spray the front and back of your clothes until damp, shake and then smooth!!

COLD BREW & FLAVOR SYRUP BUNDLE which makes the perfect Halloween product for you, friends, family, and co-workers. Their delicious flavor syrups come in Madagascar Vanilla and Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel, so they are perfect for crafting any kind of delicious, Halloween-themed seasonal beverage!

They are also carb free which is awesome!! Grab yours now to enjoy and to also share with others for Halloween!! They are absolutely delicious year round!!

Our kitty loves her pirate ship by cardboardcathomes whe did really take to the maze that well. But she is always playing in the ship she takes her toys inside and bbn plays. This is such a cute idea and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2021


I have discovered 2 really cool card games by @smithstreetgift. These would be a great to have around the house for company or great as a gift as well.

POP FREAK – Get ready for charades like you’ve never played them before. You can play Pop Freak! with as many people as you can find. Teams take turns to collect as many cards as they can by correctly guessing exactly what’s written on each of them. One person in the team does the talking to the rest of the team, who do the guessing. For every correct guess, your team gets to keep the card. The winning team is the one who has accumulated the highest score over the three rounds. Round one: say anything you want besides the words or phrases on the card. Round two: only one word. Use it wisely. Round three: no talking or sounds. Hopefully, your team memorized what was on those cards! This game was collated by the editorial staff at Smith Street Books who are enthusiastic (read: bad) actors.



WHO SAID THAT – Match inspiration, amusing, and simply flabbergasting quotes with their source, in this fun game you can play from anywhere! Discover the movies, celebrities, politicians, artists, writers, and historical figures responsible for the world’s most inspiring, amusing, and just plain weird quotes. Who Said That? will test your general knowledge, and along the way, you’ll uncover some of the best gaffes that modern history has to offer. This game was collated by the editorial staff at Smith Street Books, who were both inspired and shocked as they sifted through some of history’s best  quotes.



Koe Kombucha is a fruit-forward, USDA Organic and packed with probiotics drink – makes a healthier soda swap option to take on any Summer adventure, whether it be a beach trip, shopping excursion, or short hike. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers – people seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste. Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf stable to take on-the-go.


Yipes wipes  are a great addition to your party and a must have especially  for kids. They are designed to gently and effectively remove dirt. Yipes! are 94% biodegradable and made are with 99% plant-derived ingredients. They are formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, are enriched with aloe vera.


Liteband Life ACTIV 400 LED is a headlamp that features the first 210° wide beam, low-profile headband style headlamp. The adjustable strap is lightweight which will give you comfort all day long. The headlamp delivers an ultra bright light, with a USB-C rechargeable battery, that will last up to 26 hours of light on low setting. It has a weatherproof rating of IPX 4, which makes it greatfor camping, hiking, and running.

We love to go bike riding at night so this is perfect.

For those of you that dont like flowers this is a great gift. Each From Manly Man Co
bouquet’s is pre-arranged, sealed and packaged fresh with oxygen absorbers in a stylish branded box. The package design allows the bouquet to be delivered fully assembled and easily slide out to provide the ultimate gifting experience. This is what you can expect.

Full Dozen
Pint Glass “Vase”
4 Flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot, Mixed
Arrives Assembled
Slides Out of Custom Box

**Petals are made with 100% beef. Stem sections are made from a mouthwatering blend of beef, pork, and spices. Contains: Soy & Wheat.



Xino Sports Inline Skates with adjustable roller blades: They have double thick threading to reinforce the seams and industrial-grade plastic for the clasps. The inside is made of thick, soft padding. The inner foam lining and rust-resistant aluminum frame help provide support needed while skating.

Pro Spin: 4-Player Kit with Ping Pong Net:  The Portable All-in-One Table Tennis Set is what you need! Play anytime, on any table! Complete with a retractable net. Comes in a gift-ready box and evweyrhing you need to play!


This is perfect for popcorn for the holidays and it doesn’t take up alot of space because It is collapsible. This would be a great for someone on your holiday list. You can grab one from Zulay Kitchen.


Can anyone guess what this is?
Well It just happens to be the tastiest blanket around from Zulay Kitchen! This burrito blanket will keep you warm and cozy.

This would make a great gift for someone on your list or even for yourself.

Who doesn’t need or want a back? Well I love this personalized backpack by Groovy Guy Gifts!!

This is is not just an ordinary backpack its actually a duffel bag that you can wear on your back. It’s very sturdy and can hold much much than a regular backpack.

This would be a great purchase for even any man or child to use year round!!


This classic navy backpack is brought to you by Lazy Bear, mase with faux-leather. The main compartment is colorfully lined, and it also has separate padded pockets for your kid’s laptop or tablet. This backpack has a smaller front pocket to help you stay organized. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit.

The certificate includes top TV shows that season, noteworthy premieres that year, and the cover of that week’s edition of TV Guide. This all spawned from my love of TV and my extensive collection of TV Guides dating back to 1977! This is a frameable certificate printed on heavy paper stock. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves television!


Gigi Rowe Wishes” by Gigi Rowe is an enchanting children’s book that follows a creative young girl as she embarks on a whimsical journey where she imagines living her dreams.

Take a child on a wonderful personalized adventure. These beautiful books are specially created for every child.


This bottle holds 64 ounces of icy-cold hour for 24 hours or steaming hot water for 12 hours. The Iron Flask’s double-wall insulated, stainless steel, reusable hydro style water bottles to keep you hydrated around the clock. Straw lid, flip lid, and stainless steel lid included. I love that it holds 64 oz I don’t  have to refill as often.

This is just more than just a water bottle! FLPSDE makes this Dual Chamber Water Bottle that will keep your drinks ice cold or hot for hours while also securing your favorite snacks or even your keys. This has come in handy for myself and for my kids.



This cleanser can be used as daily face wash for men and women. Its made with no harsh ingredients and is packed with antioxidant rich organic and natural botanicals to remove build-up, impurities, dirt, and makeup. Non-irritating, lightly foaming, sulfate free, and gentle on the skin, you’ll feel refreshed and clean day or night.


I love that these headphones by iclever are wireless. My kids always seem to break the wires.

These headphones are different from most they are customizable, swappable ear plates: Easily change the design of your headphones with multiple fun patterns and colorful RBG lights.
You can get up 45 hours of playtime, with a 10-minute quick charging via USB-C. They come with a case which makes them perfect for travel.

Just wanted to share this awesome deal with you for the TransNova Headphones! Now through October 24th, receive 30% off the headphones using code 45QCYDKD.

With the code, the headphones come to $27.30 which makes them a great inexpensive gift for kids this holiday season!


We had so much fun making tie dye shirts and masks with the cool kits from Momma Osa. They are really easy to use and the kids were so proud of themselves.  I highly recommend getting them just for family fun. These would also make great gifts.


We are going to have so much fun putting this together and then playing. Who doesnt love a claw machine from Thamesandkosmos has this awesome game!! I would grab one before they sell out!!



Choose from our line of youbodycare
essences that you can mix and match. Upgrade your clean routine with premium body wash made that is made just for you, by you.
You can Blend up to 4 essences for a scent you’ll never go wrong with. Seriously, blend any together.
Every essence packet breaks down into clean energy so you can feel good (and smell even better) with YouBodyCare™.
Get your customized subscription box delivered to your door. Switch up your essences whenever you want.



This is a two-piece ceramic olive serving ensemble by Corico that displays olives around a cone-shaped pit port, which keeps the pits separate and making the whole dish easy to scrape off and clean. It also works beautifully for serving pitted cherries too.

You can find them at Target



This time of the year our kids start getting excited for Christmas!! This book called from worthy kids books “Where’s My Christmas Tree” by Bob Holt is really cute for our little ones.



Are you tired of wasting money on toilet paper then maybe you should invest in a bidet? Brondell_inc has a great section at reasonable prices. We now have one and it has saved me money and in toilet paper. I dont have to buy as much and now I dont have to worry if I accidentally run out!!



The getthelayer is an above the sheets waterproof blanket. It is small and can be used for many things. My son has taken it and uses it for his bed so he doesnt spill his drinks on his comforter.



With the holidays just around the corner you might already be looking for gifts or even stocking stuffers. compoundkings has so really cute stuff.

Most child love slime and with everything going on these cute little hand sanitizer will go great in the backpacks!!

My daughter loves cats so this cute kitten puzzle is going to be a great gift!! I can’t wait to do it with her!!



I am loving my fitsnack box they come with great items. Fit Snack Box is a subscription box containing snacks that each will have at least two of the following characteristics: GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan, and/or all-natural.

I am starting my keto diet journey again and I really love the snacks that came this month!!



For those of that have animals we are always in sure for food and treats that are healthy! I have come acroos some all natural treats that my dogs loves by Tickled pet.

Fun Facts About Commercial Flooring


When you decide to do a big job such as commercial flooring you should really do some research because there is a lot of information. Once you have committed to your purchase, it is expensive to change your mind later on, so make sure you choose wisely. When people come into your establishment your flooring is something that is going to be very noticeable. The more intriguing it is, the more people will flock to it and will want to return to your establishment just for the glamour and comfort they feel when they enter. Some that think its just a floor; why worry about it, but that is not always true.

When choosing  what floors you want,  reach out to a few different resources to see what they think and come to your own conclusion. One place that you can start is by visiting your local flooring store and seeing what information that they have to offer and the products they have. Having flooring that is durable and will last for many years is something you must keep in mind. It may cost more but should also be durable, especially if it will be a high traffic area.

The five things that you always want to keep in mind when choosing a floor is the performance, and there are five very important things to factor in. These five things are the cost, how it will stand up to traffic capacity, the moisture tolerance it will have, the visual appeal it will create, and how easy it will be for the installation process.

When I was doing some research on the internet,  I have found out that many people seem to chose an option called LVT Flooring. What is an LVT flooring? You may be wondering, well, it’s elegant flooring  with an elegant design that is also a very durable material and extremely easy maintain. With Lvt,you are choosing a product that has a more natural look, which is beautiful  in itself.

I have learned about LVT because  it is made from PVC, which makes it a much tougher material that will last you much longer  than other floorings out there. It is a “polyvinyl chloride.” for those who don’t even know or even heard of   PVC . It is a   “polyvinyl chloride”. What that means is that it is a material that is economically friendly and affordable. It also has many other things that make it beneficial: it does not collect conduct electricity. If it were to catch fire for some reason, it would slowly go out because it contains chlorine and has low oxygen, making it fire retardant. That in it self makes more sense to go with an LVT flooring.

My first Stop as far as a commercial flooring would be to check out an LVT.



Facts About Soft Story Retrofit And Much More



For those of you that do not know much about A soft-story building I will share with you what I have learned. A soft-story building is a structure in which has a weaker first floor and is no longer able  carry all of the weight of the rest of the stories above it when an earthquake happens.

Retrofit is an improvement that is made to a structure to make it much stronger. The cost of these improvements can be very expensive. The average cost for a single building can range at an estimated cost between $10,000 – $80, 000. where an apartment building can run you an estimated cost of $80,000 to $350,000. Although these prices are high these are just estimates they have different ways to fix this I am sure depending on the condition of the building. One of the ways that this can be fixed is so that it does not collapse or some use the word pancake, might involve them adding some steel moment frames, shear walls, diagonal bracing, or even fusing.

Most of the soft-story building were built before the 1980’s and the used skinny poles to build things. These poles are very weak especially now because so much time has passes that in an earthquake they will snap and crush the first floor.

Have you ever heard some talk about an ADU well if you are like me I have not until this point. This is very interesting to learn about. What is an ADU well it is an abbreviation for Accessory dwelling unit. They have other names that they are associated with such as being called granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages. These accessory dwelling units are basically a way to have a second unit that is more affordable and is a very effective way to add much needed housing.

While the cost can be lower depending on what you are looking to add it can be a positive income for you. The ADU will generate extra income which in turn end up paying for its self. With doing some research I have learned that there is two types of ADU’s. The first is a regular on that on average is 1200 sq feet and they have a junior ADU which averages about 500 sq feet. The most come reason choose to do an ADU is to keep family closer such as their elder parents. Its hard for your parents to completely give up their independence, but with having an ADU on your property they can have their own space still. You will still be able to help them when needed you assistance.

When you are planning to build an ADU their is a lot of planning that has to be done. You need to make sure that you get the proper permits and stay within the zoning regulations before you even begin. You will also always want to keep the neighbors in your mind. If you build something that maybe considered an eye sore the neighbors may give you a hard time. The reason they may do this is because they may think that it will drive down the price of their property.


Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies Giveaway


Who doesn’t love to eat brownies especially ones called Eat Me Guilt Free! Well I have had a chance to try them and they are delicious. They have lot of different flavors to choose from.

My favorite brownie of course is chocolate so the first one that tried were the Chocolate, Tuxedo and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss. While those were are good my favorite has to be the Tuxedo Brownie. The also have a Rose All Day Brownie is has a different taste to it I can’t quite put my finger one it, more like a floral taste.


These brownies are have protein and low carbs and are also delicious. So I am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a box of the Rose All Day Brownies. The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.

Enter Below to win yourself a box of the Rose All Day Brownies by Eat Me Guilt Free.

Carnivore Crisps


Some of you may know that I was on the keto diet and lost alot of weight. With everything that has been going on around us I slipped a little bit. I am now back at it and trying to find new foods and snacks to help me get back on track.

While on social media I came acroos a company called Carnivore Crisps. This company has a bunch of great products and they are also a small business which I love.

Carnivore Crisps are free range, gluten free, clean carnivore, no hormones, made in the USA and are of course keto friendly. If you like beef jerky these products are similar to them, the main difference is that the are thin and crispy.

They have so many differnt kinds to choose from that it is really hard not to fall in love with them. The flavors that I tried were the Beef Brisket, Leg Of Lamb, Pork Loin, Beef Ribeye, Beef Top Sirloin, and Chicken Breast. With all of those different choices they are sure to have one that you will like.

My son also tried them with me and he really enjoyed them as well. We have our favorites that we will purchase again, those flavors are the Beef Brisket, Pork Loin and the Ribeye. My son also likes the Chicken Breast but he wanted me to add that those are a little thicker and have a bigger crunch than the rest.

If you stop by Carnivore Crisps website you can get 10% off your first order for a limited time by using the code MOM6LITTLEMONKEYS. Ihope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Things To Know About Hospice


Well there are some things that we really just do not want to think about or put any time into but can never be avoided. But we should really take the time and do research on them before it is to late for ourselves or a loved one. If you are wondering what I am talking about it is Hospice and also the billing aspect of it. most of are never really ready or want to talk about the facts and knowledge that surrounds this topic. But the thing for sure is that it will defiantly affect us all at one point in our lives.

There is a lot of useful information out there that can be most helpful to you to guide you through this very difficult time in your life.

With Hospice care is designed to make the patient and family as comfortable as possible during this time. They design a plan that will help with the best care needed to manage the symptoms and the pain. This care is with take into the fact of the wishes of the patient and their families to make this as best as it can be under the circumstances. They will encourage everyone to spend as much time together as possible.

Hospice is for people with advanced illness the patients have a serious illness their age, beliefs or culture doesn’t play a factor it is uniquely designed for the individual and family. As for where this place can take place that is a decision that the patient can decide on where they fill most comfortable on being. If for some reason the patient decides they no longer what this care they have the right to revoke it at anytime. The Hospice team is trained to be a support system for all that who is involved.

With all this information that I have given you their is one very important thing that I have left out that is also really scary to talk about al that is the hospice billing company and cost of it all. We are already going thru a painful time and this is not something that I think we are all prepared for. They have companies out there that specialize in just that line of work and they work with the hospice companies to help the navigate the best way to get great coverage and pass the savings on to you. If I where to make a suggestion I would research on the company you are thinking about using to see if the reviews are great. You can ask around and get some suggestions on some companies that others have used. The sad truth is that not all companies are honest and looking out for you they are i it for the money. Check with your insurance company and see if they have any suggestions on what companies are good with hospice billing. I have done some research and found this website that breaks down a lot of this information for you.

Nutrition And Our Bodies


With the things they way they are right now during these uncertain times with the pandemic we are all a little more aware of our health.  We need to take things more seriously not only for ourselves but for those around us.

Not only should we eat the right things to keep our bodies healthy but we should exercise and also take different supplements. The times around us are changing and we need to be aware and adapt to keep healthy.  Keeping yourself at a healthy will help you live a little bit longer.

Stress is a big factor in some of our lives that can keep you from making the right day to day decision on how we approach things and our bodies and overall health. When we are stressed or in a stressful situation we are really not focused on positive things and tend to make very poor decisions with our eating and other things at that time.

I myself have heard that if you put cinnamon in your coffee or tea it has some kind of benefits for you. There is a website that gives information on what supplements are good for women and men. My mom actually used to tell my bother and I that if you eat carrots it will help your eye site and you wont need glasses. I did believe her then but now as an adult I do not really believe that. My Mom and Dad wear glasses now so the carrots didn’t make an impact on them. Some things I find for myself work but I an not sure if they are beneficial for others. The thing that work for me are that I have started putting lemon in my water and not only does it taste better and I drink more. With putting the lemon in my water I have noticed that i am less bloated and my body is flushed out better.

Just the little things like cutting done my carb intake on a day to day basis has helped me to to lose weight. At one point I was very over weight and was lost within myself. You can also cut down on fried foods or change you frying oil to maybe coconut oil, peanut or even grape seed oil when frying.  if you have not invested in an are fryer I would suggest investing in on of those I absolutely love my and now cook mostly all of my foods in one.

Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs has a lot of great information and thought on the best ways to keep ourselves in a healthy state. He has a lot of different types on videos that me be beneficial for you to watch. Some of these things my change your life style for the better. He also, sells a line of supplements that you might want to check out. Some of the things that he touched basis on i was shocked and never knew about. I don’t want to give to much away just check him out by clicking his link above.

KFB Personal Injury


There are so many different things that you should know when looking for a Personal Injury Attorney. Before you hire someone do your research and ask a lot of questions. When I was in an auto accident a few years ago I was hit by another car who had made a left hand turn on a red light for him. My light was green and as I was entering the intersection and all of a sudden he turned I had no chance to stop. My car was totaled my airbags deployed which caused burns and my neck and back were hurt. My car insurance helped me with  replacing my car but I was left dealing with all of my medical bills. I had seek medical attention quite often and the costs was getting to be too much. The other driver did have insurance but they were unwilling to work with me on my bills. With this being the first accident that I had ever been in  I really did not know what to do about everything that was going on at that point. Some of my friends told me to go online and find an attorney that would take my case without charging me upfront since I did not have the funds to pay anything to start things off. The first mistake I made was that I did not do any research on that firm I was just glad that they would take my case. Always do your research on any attorney that you are seeking services from just because they are a attorney doesn’t mean they are on the up and up. When all was said and done with my case not all of my bills were even paid and I did not get the pain and suffering settlement that I should have.

Since then I have done more research to help me if I were ever in the need to seek services I would know right who to call. Make sure that you not only find out how long they have been in business, see how many cases they have won see if you can find some references from others that may have also used them. Whether or not they make you pay up front or seek payment after the case has been settled also, ask how long your case may take to settle. There is a website called Legal Resources that will help you with the facts you should know before hand.

In doing my research I have found the Personal Injury Attorneys in Tampa  KINNEY, FERNANDEZ & BOIRE which have over 50 years of combined experience helping their clients to get their lives back to normal. They make you feel like your important and get you what you deserve. Below I am going to share a list of the many areas that they specialize in many areas which I have listed below.

Animal Attacks –

Automobile Related Accidents –

Felony Criminal Defense-

Hospital Nursing Home Abuse –

Insurance Disputes –

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense –

Motorcycle – Bicycle Accidents –

Negligence Traumatic Injury –

Product Liability –

Slip And Fall –

Trucking Accidents –

Wrongful Death –

KFB are personal Injury Attorneys with offices located all of the Tampa area. Just give them a call and they will guide you through the legal process and be your support from the start of you case until the end. Their goal is to help you get your life back to normal.

Virgils Root Beer


We have had so much fun for National Root Beer Float Day with Virgils Root Beer. We actually had them on two separate days. The first time we tried it with sherbert ice cream it was good but the kids wanted them again with Vanilla ice cream!

We have found a new favorite soft drink and we can not wait to try the rest of the drinks that they offer.

I have never even heard of the Virgils Root Beer and if you haven’t either I would give them a try. We have root beer floats in the past but these were the best that we have had.

Lugz Changeover ll Sneakers For Men



Lugz has another New Sneaker out called the Changeover II which are a step up in style from the first ones. My husband now has them both of course and really likes them. He has a thing for shoes not just for unique looks but also for feel as well. He wanted to get this pair because for Fathers Day he was given a Lugz sweatshirt that matches. now he says he wants a hat to match his shoes and his sweatshirt.

They have the appeal of a fancy shoe but are also comfortable enough to wear all day long. They have a jagged sole and cushioned bottom and a breathable liner which helps your feet for sweating bad and also becoming uncomfortable.

I am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of these shoes. The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.

Even if you don’t win they have an awesome sale going on right now GET 25% OFF WITH CODE: 25SUMMER | $7 FLAT RATE SHIPPING OR SPEND $79.99 FOR FREE SHIPPING

Enter below for your chance to win a pair of these shoes.

Empowering women and Scholarships


Within the world of business and being a woman has not always been an easy and serious paved path. This still holds true for empowering striving women entrepreneurs in today’s society. It hasn’t been too long ago in history that women were not thought much of in the working world. In modern times, when you attend business conventions and even college you are mostly surrounded by men than women. However, in today’s society this has definitely changing, and more and more women are becoming a strong force in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Women are truly a force to be taken seriously. Statistics show that more firms are owned and operated by women in The United States. It is proven and shown that one in five that is owned by a woman brings in over one million dollars. I have found a website that gives you some more information on the challenges of being a woman entrepreneur
that you might find interesting to read as well.

To be successful and empowering women in today’s world you must be able to wear a lot of “hats”. You must be able to successfully organize an enterprise using a considerable amount of initiative and confidence. Of course, with running your own business you may run into obstacles. One of the most common obstacles that entrepreneurs may face is lack of funding. Studies have shown that men are approximately twice as likely to raise money for funding opposed to women. When faced with the challenge of funding or even if you would just like to start off small, a great option is to begin your business at home and grow as much as you desire.

Well their is a women named Nancy Etz and she loves to support others. She offers a scholarship that is for excellent students ii many different fields of study. Nancy’s scholarships also support acting as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for them and for your chance to win $1000.00 just for writting a 500 word esay.

On her website she give you leads on other scholarships that you can enter and possibly win. There is a total of 10 which is includes hers.

The 2nd one is the Barizon college Tution Scholarship which thw winner is awarded in the amountbof $10,000 per year for four years. But it only applies to seniors in hifh school who have already been accepted into a higher education.

The 3rd is the Heroes and legends Scholarship thisbis intended for minority and or at risk risk youth.

The 4th is the Princess Grace foundation Awards for film. This is for students that are involved in film, theater, and dance.

The 5th is the Donna Reed Foundation which is just for those who arw graduating from an Iowa high school.

The 6th is the George Heller Memorial Scholarship which is an annual $2,500 scholarship awarded bybthe screen actors guild.

The 7th is the Elaine Sirkin For es Scholarship which is just offered to students from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania area. Which is worth between $500 and $2000 annually. But students must hold at least a 2.5 gpa to even be considered.

The 8th is the DePaul University Theater Performance this one is worth between $15000- $30000 annually.

The 9th is the CBC Spouses Performing/Visual Arts Scholarship. This one is available to constituents of the congressional Black Caucus.

The 10th is the Chicago Drama League Retention which is offerwd by Columbia college chicago which offers $1,500.

And lastly is the 11th which is the Donal Harrington Memorial Scholarship. This is awarded by the University of Washington school of drama for $1,000 who live in Washington other rules apply.

There are alot of Scholarships out there to apply for it is worth is to do your research and apply for as many as you possibly can.




These Lugz Women’s Clipper LX Fur, have a durable upper and faux fur lining. The fact that they are slip on is awesome I am always in a hurry when I leave the house so I can slip them on and go. I live in California and I am wearing them now and they are perfect. My feet seem to stay warm but are not over heating. The fur is so soft and comfortable that I don’t even feel like they are shoes and more like slippers. The sides of the shoes are padded so you don’t get the rough feeling an the back of your ankle after wearing them all day.

They come in two colors so you can go with a black color or a cream (tan) color. Even if you don’t when you can grab a pair of these shoes at a great deal by GET 35% OFF WITH CODE: MDAY35. This is just for a limited time so don’t miss out.

I am going to be giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of these shoes.The sponsor will be shipping them out to the winner. This giveaway Is US only and Momssixlittlemonkeys is not responsible for any lost or damaged prizes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or notification or a new winner will be chosen.

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Avoiding A Bad Home Loan






When I was a younger and was able to apply for my very first credit card I did and I continued with many more after that one. My parents did have a talk with me about getting to many cards and spending to much on them. They warned me that it was an easy thing to do at my young age I was to going to get myself into trouble and of course as at that age I did not listen to them. The bills were starting to come in and began piling up on me it seemed as though they were coming faster and faster but of course they were not. They began to increase in amounts due to me only paying the minimum amout due so, I was having trouble paying them off.  This was a  very dumb decisions on my part I wish that I had just listened to my parents.  My credit score dropped and continued to drop and it effected me in so many ways and still does to this day. I have done some research on buying a home with bad credit and have found this site to be helpful as a guide on how to improve your credit.


As an adult I would love to own my own home but because of my credit score the interest rate is higher for me than someone else that has good credit. If you are looking for a home in Flordia and have not so great credit you should check out these many different options for bad credit  loans. Below I will List some of they loans that are offered there is sure to be one that will help you achieve your goal of buying a house.

Nonconventional Loans for Bad Credit which is a great option just because they have low down payment and have flexible approval requirements. The FHA has a programs and offers insurance that encourages lenders to approve a wider range of clients even those with bad credit. Your credit score can be 580 and can be as low as 3.5% down even if its 500 you could qualify as low as 10% down.


Subprime Loans for bad credit which are loans for people who have bad marks on their financial history these tend to have higher interest rates than a conventional home financing.  If your credit score is lower than 660 it is very possible to secure one of these types of loans.


Hard Money Loans or loans that are based off of the property that is being financed instead of the borrower’s credit. This loan is also used for people who are buying property to flip or as a temporary loan until their credit can be repaired. These loans have a higher interest loan than the conventional loan.


If you would like to purchase in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, or nearby Florida, I would contact Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc., to get started. They are sure to get you the perfect loan for you to get the house that you have always been wanting to buy.





Things to know about Data and Gartner Catalog




A Data Catalog is a assembly of data that describes and gives you information about other data. With the data management and the search tools it will help observers and other data users to find the data that they are looking for.

With the Data catalog is a cut and dried selection of data that would be used by institution. It is a data that is securely stored and well organized. With most data catalog tools you can expect it have and contain information about the source and the data usage. With data catalogs it helps to improve data clarity, accuracy, and speed in many different ways. The examples of these would be that the clarity which simply means that you have all that is needed to understand and keep the data maintained for the very beginning to the end. Accuracy to make sure that the data is up to date a corrected when needed. When you have an understanding of the data and the accuracy you will gain the speed which will benefit you greatly. It will make your date discoverable more to others as they search because it is all organized. One of the best ways to keep your self organized is by creating graphs. they are easy to change and expand to keep all of your data updated.



There are other tools that will befit a company as well and that is the Collibra Data Catalog which entrusts business and their users to quickly uncover and start to understand the data that matters so they can gain a great deal of knowledge and impact the business value that they are looking for.

Gartner data catalog shows you three different categories that will provide the background. The catalog provides back ground situation to help with  data analysts, data scientists, data stewards, this will help businesses to understand the data that is relevant and the best business value for them to strive for.

When are able to bring all of these tools together and use them the way that they are intended to be used you can be very productive and as a business. There is a lot of things that you really need to pay attention to and understand about your data and your company. Knowing these thing can really make you progress in a positive way.  I work in an office and on computers daily and this gives a better understanding on how to work more efficiently and gain the progress that we need as a whole to become the best at managing the data that we need.

If you are wanting to know more about data catalog software you can find some great information and guidance from Alation. They break down systems that will work for you such as the Behavioral Analysis Engine with is also known as (BAE) which is a machine learning drive with patterns and recognition to bring the data to light on just how the data is being used, it also has the popular rankings, user breakdowns, and the usage recommendations.




How To Sell Things Online


When someone has something that you really like you tend to give them a compliment on the item and then ask them where they bought. Most of the time the response is going to be I bought it on Amazon or from a certain department store. With the times that we are in today due to pandemic most people learned how to buy a lot of the everyday needs online.

One thing to remember is that a lot of us may know how to buy items on line not everyone knows how to sell things online successfully. Over this past year a lot of the items that we are used to using and having available to us at a moments notice and really need have been extremely hard to find and expensive once you do find them. So, I myself have had to learn how to sell items from to make some extra cash with the storages of items such as food and toiletries.

There is another great part about selling your products online and that is that any where you want your office to be it can. You need to go away some where at a moments notice no problem just grab your laptop and go. Your over head costs are much lower when don’t have to have a store front and base online. If you are needing a company to help you just do your research on the company to see exactly what they offer and if it is a great fit for you and your business goals. Their are websites that our out there that can give you an overall greater understanding on the companies you maybe interested in working with such as Linkedin. Make sure that you read any customer reviews that other customers have posted. Keep in mind you will probably run into so negative comments but you will just have to way them out it is hard to please everyone.

When you are selling everyday items online it can be easier task to find people and utilize the word of mouth from family and friends. But if you are selling stuff for computers such as so software you might want to check out Tackle they can help you. Tackle is Azure Market place is a create way to sale at scale. Although it still isn’t an easy task to get accomplished it will be worth it in the end. They offer a more simple method and the tools that you will need. They can get your software listed on Cloud Market Place. You will be able too have availability to a large amount of new buyers which again can spread by word of mouth between companies. Having a Private Plan is actually the most pliable way to venture it will give your customers  great pricing and designate custom terms in the most structured and feasible way.  Having the Tackle platform will benefit you greatly as your company sells continue to grow they will level and expand with you.


Things To Know About Small Business And Marketing


With things the way they have been around the world this past year it has given people the time to make some changes. It has been a very hard for a lot of families with the rate of unemployment sky rocketing like it has during this pandemic. Some families have went from a two income family to a no income family at a blink of an eye. Some people have a lot of extra time on their hands and have decided to take their financial future and freedom on them selves.

But their is a lot of things to learn about when starting a small business. I am going to list a few below to help point you in the right direction.

One of the most over looked and free marketing strategy would be simply just the word of mouth. This can get you a great start on getting your products or services out there. Your Family and friends talk to their family and friends about your business and the cycle just continues on.

Once a month you can send out news letters to all of those who have signed up to inform them of anything that you are offering.

You can offer a giveaway for everyone to enter for a chance to win. It is a small price to pay to get people interested in you. Make incentives for them if they share such as extra chances to win. People will share more and it will drive more people to your website.

Another great tool is to create a customer survey to send out this will help you to understand your strengths and weakness. This will also make your customers feel important.

Social media is great way to get your small business out their it is so easy for people to share your products with others. They do have paid options such as Facebook that can get costly on some platforms but some do not if you choose to go that route. I would just do your research.

As you grow and your company is big enough you can reach out to companies such as common thread company they take your dreams and make them into real strategies with very specific goals that will help the growth of your company.


A lot of this information has really helped my daughter start up her company during these uncertain times. I have watched  her grow and progress so much.

Getting noticed on google is really hard the process is difficult. But just think if someone typed up what you do or what you offer and your company came up how great that can be. Common thread can help you with getting you to that growth goal.

I would do a lot of reach and once you get yourself to the point where you are so big that you need guidance reach out to companies that can help you manage things. I did find a website that has some great information on it, just click on the link right above here.


Things To Know About PKI Certificate




There are a lot of things that you should know about PKI and the benefits that can be gained from it. This is something that I knew nothing about but upon doing some research I have really gained a lot of very useful and knowledge. Although I am not a big company it will still help me with the way I do things on my blog.

One thing that I have learned is that in todays world passwords are just not enough to secure anything. You should always have extra additional precautions to protect your most valuable information that your business has from all the cyber thieves out their. The benefit of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is that you will be able to make use of  an advanced authentication and even encryption to help to make things less grievous on your end of things.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has three main key security level focus points which are as follows:

Authentication what this does is that it will validate identities to will allow access only to those that are authorized users and only the selected devices that have access to a server. Encryption which will use a certificate that will develop an encrypted session, so that all of your information can be used privately. The third thing is Data Integrity this will make sure that any messages or data that is transferred to and from all devices and servers are not changed in any way.



There is an even easier way to managed PKI service that is with the company keyfactor. The service that they offer is that you can move your  Public Key Infrastructure to a cloud service. With Keyfactor you wont get stuck in manual just hand it over to their team and get back to your tasks at hand. By going with cloud PKI you will not have to buy any expensive hardware have to deal with any problems with software installs. They offer to create and secure your information to the highest level possible. You will have full access to your to all of your stuff with just a simple subscription and that’s it. With this subscription you will have all of your stuff up and running within days. This is a perfect way to go with no hassle concept or headaches. You will get the digital certificate that you need for this service.  I really like the fact that they offer these services in a cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing everything if your computers crash or another fortunate accident happens. Your information is safe and sound stored in a cloud. The technology that is available now sure has come a long ways. Over the years I have lost so much of my documents, photos, and other important information that I have stored due to a malfunction of some kind. I think that this a great thing to have for your business to take that worry away.

They state on their website  that you will have “Secure PKI designed to support DevOps, Cloud, and IoT deployments requiring millions of certificates”.








Facts About Data Management


The most common challenge that many of us will face today is just how to organize and assist customer data and make it into information that we can acutely be use. Their is an MDM solution that can help you in the sense that by forming and combining several elements of customer data from across the enterprise. What will this do exactly well this will help the improvement in product quality of that data, and will also help everything make sense to you, and allow you to understand the relationships you have with your customers.

Profisee is a company that is always trying to work on a positive movement within the gartner mdm magic quadrant with the knowledge that they have in the of sales momentum, and always understanding the market, product vision,  and the pricing and deployment options are now.

So I have mentioned a company called Profisee above and here are some of the services that Profisee does offer they will help to guide you and your team into the direction that you need to be going in.

Learning about Discovery Assessment will help you not only on the strategic side but also about the tactical MDM objectives. This is a great thing and can help with the organization side to avoid the most common mistakes that are made early on.

With a Master Data Roadmap is where they have their very most experienced consultants help work with you and your team to find the very best long-term strategic plan.

With the Master Data Governance they will try and help you focus on mentoring and knowledge to help guide your MDM team through exactly the nature and building a Data Governance purpose is in the support of initiatives and its ability to figure out and initiate things independently.

Master Data Accelerators is just using  all of the requirements, data, and environment. This procedure  will reduce the amount of time required to get up to speed that you and your team need to be. By doing this it will help provide you the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get your team up and running with MDM.

They offer Full Project Lifecycle which Implements your solution that is constructed with the tools that you will need to be prepared and to be able to carry forward.

They will have their team of consultants provide you and your MDM team with focused education on the Profisee platform training. This will include a complete course of study in every element of the Profisee Platform.

Before you are finished they will do a Master Data Quality Assessment with that they will suggest a plan and provide some suggestions to help you stay on track. If you still need some more help they do have private coaching that you can take part in which can help you advance further.

In doing some more research I have also found a website here that I found to have a lot of really great and useful information. This is a beginners guide that should really help give you some insight and that can help guide you in the right direction.

Things too know about a bathroom remodel



Now more than ever we all would like to make some changes to our bathrooms with us being home more now. The most common rooms that we seem want to update the most are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are rooms are also the rooms that we seem others such as family and friends tend too see and use so od course we want to make sure that they are nice. With the technology and the styles consistently changing things become outdated pretty often, it is nice that we can do a few simple things in the bathroom and it will make such a big difference without having to rip everything out.

After a long day hard day at work sometimes its nice to just be able to take a warm bath and relax and unwind from the day. If you have a bathroom that is cramped up and seems old and filled with very outdated appliances its really hard to enjoy something as simple as just taking a bath. Well just by you replacing your old tub, toilet and even your sink with something new can it can really change the whole look of the bathroom and even save you some space. These little changes will make things more functional for you and cost much less money than doing a complete tare down.

If you are looking to do a bathroom remodel New Orleans has the place that can help you and the name of this place is called Max Home. They have so much that they offer and you can turn your bathroom into that spa like feeling you have been dreaming about and looking for in no time at all. They are able to install new tubs, showers, and wall surroundings in a very short amount of time and they are done with outstanding products and craftsmanship that will make you happy and they will last a lifetime.

Not only to they are their acrylic tub liners designed to be put in quickly, but they can also be customized to fit over any tubs shape or size. If you are simply wanting too have a walk in tub they can help you with that as well. Once they have completely installed your tub they will also put a virgin acrylic finish on it what this will do is help the liners from cracking, fading or even peeling over time.


When you seem to spend a lot of your time in a room it is very important that you make it too be as much of a comfortable place to be in and also to make sure that all of it fits all your needs as well as the others in your house. If you have a moment and you could just give Max Home’s a call you also check out their site to help you make your choice.



If your not interested a tub know problem Max Home’s can even customize the shower of your dreams that will be safe, beautiful and very easy to maintain which is a major plus. They have a big collection in which you can choose from that has a variety of beautiful colors, tiles and even marble looks. They make their main focus on your safety as well as creating your vision of the perfect bathroom. Need extra space to organize things well that’s not a problem for Max Home has got you covered.

Contact MaxHome today you can ask them about their easy financing and when you would be able to schedule a consultation for a bath remodel.

Sales Tax Information


In today’s Business world  many companies are facing so many different issues when dealing with sales tax and the sales tax regulations than ever had to in the past especially with market on the rise in our economy. We are all experiencing a lot of unknowns during this pandemic and the way we do business. Many business have dealt with rising costs and extreme risks. But with that being said taxes will never go away but they will continue to change.  If have a company and it continues to grow larger you should really pay a lot of  As a company grows and larger they have to really pay attention to the tax laws because things are that are constantly changing. Beacause of the pandemic many states have moved very quickly in order to establish much needed regulations to gain maximum income.  These are something that you need to get savy on these changes in the sales taxes that can impact your business whether you have a small or even a much larger company. They do offer software that you can buy in order to learn more and get up to date on the latest so you that are on always on the top of your game. Just by learning the new changes from year to year can impact your everyday life in a big way.  Just make sure that you choose one that will update as the sale laws change.



So things that you should know are which states have enacted on the new nexus laws? Why are there so many seller laws and why are the growing so fast.
These new tax changes are based on a variety of different reasons and services. I have found a site that will give you some insight on sales tax returns.  They will give you the information that you  will need and also some great tips  for getting all the current and up to date information and the resources on all things sales tax on returns. It is a misconception that these sales tax returns are easy to complete. The truth is that they can be very complex.  Making a mistake because you are guessing or over confident can cause you a lot of problems in the future. You do not want to deal with any kind of penalties that can occur and cause you a bug headache.

One thing that you should know is the sales and the use of tax rates are just not the same every where in fact it does vary from different counties, states and even countries and can become very difficult with the possible different legislative regulations and all the new rules and even the changes that are made quite often in the product of taxability.


I have heard of a company that can help you with all of your concerns with dealing with sales tax filing. If you are in need of guidance and help I would reach out to a company that just deals with that.




Cats & Dogs 3 Paws Unite


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blue-ray  I reviewed in this post! The opinions I share are my own. 

This is a cute movie for all ages to enjoy it is available now and can be view on Amazon, the Apple TV app, FandangoNow, PlayStation, Vudi, Xbox and others as well.

A tech-savy villain has hacked into the wireless network that only dogs and cats can hear, now the conflict has begun again.  I don’t want to give to much away from so you’ll need to buy it to find out the rest 🙂

SUPER Busy California Mom of 6 kiddos!