I Clean Everything Cleaner Review


This cleaner is a great deal for the money it is very concentrated so it only takes a little bit to clean a big area. One  Bottle of 8 Oz Makes 48 – 16oz Spray Bottles of Cleaner. I really like this cleaner because it can be used on so many different types of surfaces. We had an issue with our granite counter tops and there are only certain things that you can use to clean them and i have been unsuccessful and finding one that worked good. This cleaner can be used on many other surfaces such as Delicate Surfaces, Porous Tile Surfaces, Stone, Stainless Steel and Porcelain.
This is an All-Purpose, Everyday Cleaner Enriched with Safe Beneficial Organic Probiotics.

i CLEAN EVERYTHING is a 100% Natural Probiotics which prevents the Build-Up of Bio-Film. It has also been certified by the Green Cleaning Institute and tested at University’s and Hospitals. It contains  No Harsh Cemicals

Below is a picture of granite that needs so help and you can see for yourself how great it works from the before and after picture.


Here is where you can buy this great cleaner http://amzn.to/2oKuxSS


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